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Points about gender sprinkle around K. passim. Here assemble links and scrapbook comments.

Men are awful, yes; but woman are no better:
except at some things (and visa versa).

pk thinking, however guided, disciplined by science and reason, is and will always be basically esthetic. I find symmetries, I seek symmetries. Beware of thinking that thinks it’s found what it seeks; be (especially)ware of thinking that pretends that it wasn’t specially seeking to start with. I know my bias: it’s esthetic.
[2016 02 29 Harrumph: needs rewriting: but first I should try to discover what I meant!]

What we seek, what we find, modifies as we correct what we seek and find. Once upon a time cutting-edge humans sought centralized explanations for everything: a god in the clouds, a watchmaker in the works … Now I for one am repelled by all that. I am not looking for Ur-Hitler, and don’t want to find him. Both biases are esthetic, the esthetic has changed. As a kid I wanted things to balance. I still do. I have no idea how much advantage, how much liability, that bias gives me. If I see it hurting me, I’ll try to drop it. (It will be hard.) In the meantime …


Yin / Yang

thanx freepic

Take gender for example. I believe that anything that’s been around for a while, must balance, somehow. Somehow the heavy particle makes up for all the light particles. Somehow Browning’s Pipa gets a whole lifetime worth of joy from her one New Years morning off from the factory. That the slave somehow grabs from the cessation of the beating as much ecstasy as the beater himself is capable of.

If women die in childbirth, I expect men to die in some compensating way: battle … traffic … If the state puts all the morons in state-run schools, the state, the society, will be just as moronic as before: only now it will get a certificate saying that it isn’t a moron.

female compensation images: missing: zebra-finch-18721


damn, important images evaporated

Men off to hunt, off to battle, develop codes of behavior women know next to nothing of; but the women, back in the core or the nest, will develop something the men know next to nothing of. A man brought into the labor area can wreck havoc; or just might solve something important, by his very alienness: ditto a woman brought into Congress. Oh, but now there are so many women in Congress it’s impossible to tell which havoc is usual and which novel.

I suspect that gender imbalances balance, or will, given enough time. Males raping a female is not uncommon; females raping a male is hardly heard of. What’s going on? Can life endure with uncorrected imbalances? Can existence?

I remember once in a film which combined documentary-with-travelogue-with-history being shown the stone relief at the top of the door which showed Etruscan men that here was a place where they could piss among men pissing: the image was a stone phallus. I waited for the other shoe to drop. OK, where’s the stone vulva? The stone phallus was semi-inflated: not erect to jumping and straining, but more tumescent than not. Would the yonic symbol show corresponding signs of arousal? Would that balance? or become a new imbalance in need of balance? No, the women’s piss room entrance was never shown. The film makers, whether acting with or against or in spite of their censors, had followed a phallus-OK / yonis-taboo policy. Common enough; but something must balance it (pk believes) (or the cosmos will go kerpluwee.)

Men have no experience of birth. Women have never been rapped in the nuts. What compensates? There’s always a bill that gets paid,

Woman is society’s irony.

Sexual Mutilation

Just now reading an Nth novel by Wilbur Smith (very, very good, up to a point), set in the Sudan: Khartoum. A Muslim jihad takes the city from the British and Egyptians, any number of the defenders also Muslim. “Naturally” the fighting aims at killing men: though no one gets upset if some women and children also happen to get blown to shreds. Then survivors are rounded up and sorted very much by gender, and also by subcategories. Which women will be “field n-word (Bowdlerizing K. 2016 07 31)” and which “house n-s”? Which if any should go to the conqueror’s harem? But, just before that, the business had been much more brutal. Rape the women, castrate the men. Oh, and laugh and jeer while doing either. [note]

Well, Smith gives details on the mutilation of the men, and also on the torture of all suspected of hiding wealth from the conquerors. The testes are severed with their scrotum: both are stuffed in the mouth of the screaming blood-soaked male.

I am reminded of similar reports I got from Cubans the US Congress was specially drafting in 1963 or so that I had to interview. They talked about the mountain bandits common through South and Central America. They liked to rob and rape. They left their male victims with their scrotum sewn over their mouth.

Ugh. I once almost throttled a girl who tried to get my balls to dangle into her open mouth. Teeth? No thank you. In any case, these Cubans were very matter of fact about their bandits. “They like to kill”. They shrugged it off, denied it importance..

2006 07 05 Men lie no more than women, but they tend to lie to make themselves look better, while women are more likely to lie to make the other person feel better.

More on mutilation, female mutilation: Where the Buffalo Roam

barely started, other posts spin off

Fertile Love
Male / Female
Sex Notes
pk Sex Comments
Tête à Tête

2016 02 29 K. has by now accumulated lots more on compensation, gender war, balance … Not all yet added to menus.

Gender War

Trump and Cruz hogging the camera the other evening reminded me of George Bush interrupting Geraldine Ferraro in 1988, no one lassoing the bully, no compensation offered for having been cheated. For all we knew the foul play had been scripted, rehearsed: but I bet no one told Ferraro!

Anyway, I just browsed some news items on women boxers: Holmes & Roussey, saw some footage. It wasn’t just Holly & Rhonda kicking each other in the teeth; it showed all sorts of sparring combos in the gym. Women were sparring with men. Why wasn’t the gym picketed? Because the picketers got tired and went home, long ago.

Bobby Riggs, great tennis player once, before he clowned against Billie Jean King: which of them was more the culture’s dupe? Bobby! The tennis world has mixed doubles but not mixed singles: unless you count Rene Richards. I played most of my tennis in the 1960s and ’70s. All sorts of gender mixes appeared on the public courts, but there were no tournaments shoved at us in which Jimmy Connors played against Chrissy Everett. I heard Chrissy once respond that if she, the greatest woman tennis player in the world, played against her husband, John Lloyd, she wouldn’t win a single point! But such things were matters of faith, kept concealed from public experience. Till Riggs, as an old man, pushed it, humiliated himself, let down racists, sexists everywhere.

When I was a kid I played with my friend, Anne Carol, down the block. We were very close. But one day she cast us as empress and emperor: I was supposed to worship her, bring her jewels; instead I commanded “Off with her head!!!” Bucks butt heads for mating rights, but the champ buck doesn’t kill all the other males, and absolutely he doesn’t kill all the females: antlers are for males butting with males.

2016 03 27 I’m remembering Anne as I watch The Book of Esther. Xerxes marries Esther, a Jew calling herself by a Persian name, guided by her foster guide, Mordecai. Persian law forbids any female to approach the king unless bidden. The prime minister has gotten Xerxes to condemn the Jews to death, including Esther. She calls on him, knowing it means her death: and the death of her people (her people in Persia, that is.)
See? Another double bind: damned no matter what you do. So Ester disobeys one law, fulfills another.

Mixed Singles
2016 06 26 Serena vs. John Mac? I just read that there’s some interest: apparently there’s been some interest for some time. How much of this “interest” is rational? “scientific”? Close to zero. If we wanted to test whether males were stronger than females, it wouldn’t be hard. But Borg vs. Court, Billie Jean vs Riggs, these are freak shows, circus acts. Don’t give such acts to the WTA, give them to the wrestling people. Script it, choreograph it.

I would like to see a responsible study of what “par” ought to be for Serena vs. Djokovich, Serena vs. Federer … I offer to play Sharapova. Would I be able to get a point?

A memory just inserted itself: a joke on the radio suggesting that Israel, if it wants US aid should declare war of the US: ’cause the US treats its enemies so well. I don’t see that that’s true, but I get it, I recognize that that’s the sponsored perception. Anyway, this comedian asked, “Yes, but what if Israel won?”
Yes, what if Serena beat Roger, or I beat Masha? No, it would have to be open tournaments, all women against all men: for tennis, for track, for field, for baseball, for basketball.

Women are like elephants to me, I like to look at them but I wouldn’t want to own one.

WC Fields

2017 09 22 Battle of the Sexes
Hooie! Emmm Stone!! play’s Billie Jean! vs. Bobby Riggs!
What a great female! I hope to comment further once I’ve seen it. Meantime, I worship Emma Stone.
And you know, I’m ready to worship Billie Jean: more than I did in the 1970s.
Bobby was a showman, so was Billie Jean. But today her rhetoric sounds merely sensible; his at the time was pure PT Barnum. Take it with a few pounds of salt.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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