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Unanticipated Design

Recalling my use of the word “mutant” in the above file today (Mutant Ideas) stimulates me to caution that my use is more metaphoric than literal. Evolutionary theory in biology has it that mutation occurs at random: it’s the experience of the resultant organism in its environment (including its social environment (if any) that determines its (breeding) success. That’s the key that stimulated theists to accuse Darwin of “banishing mind from the universe.” We’ve been rehearsed in believing / perceiving our lives to be designed: divinely designed; not accident.

I need to do a module on design versus the random: today’s effort thought will merely take a step or two in that direction: as I want to make a particular, related of course, point (meantime, see Gregory Bateson):
pk’s ideas and designs are not random. Neither are they not connected to the random: I don’t believe any real ideas ever are. What pk’s ideas are are unfamiliar, unanticipated, unrehearsed: and therefore, not processable except by a few: a very few: certainly not by your average university Ph.D., especially at your average state-sponsored university (and “private universities” too are state subsidized these days).

Just starting: many illustrations to come.

Unanticipated Experience

The group trained to be a group cannot well process experience incompatible with the orthodoxy of the training. The map is substituted for the territory by rehearsal. We know Galileo’s name (and observations and theories) because he was established before he observed moons around Jupiter. Had he had to present his findings to his peers (externally imposed), his book wouldn’t have been published.
Civilized societies I suspect are even worse at processing unfamiliar ideas than less homogenized societies: all being homeostatic: naturally conservative: cautious (read unimaginative, inflexible). Unorthodox experience also has a hard time getting noticed. We see (and think) what we are rehearsed to see (and think.) In a nest of ducklings, the gosling will be picked on. Messengers from God (or nature, or truth …) do not do well with church administrators. Original thinking, original observations … are not readily received by universities. If the people ever find a voice, Washington will hear it too late.
There: that’s just spraying a kind of target: bigger than a barn. Let’s see how many times I can hit it once I find time.

Mutant Ideas
Dual Species


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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