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Only after several girls had suggested to me that we take our clothes off did I ever suggest it to a girl. They were the puncher: I was the counter-puncher. Male and female are I believe so alien to each other that we could as well call ourselves two species as call ourselves one. Simultaneously, I believe that there’s yin in the yang and yang in the yin. I have any number of “female” attributes. I never learned a firm “lead” in dancing [not till 2008]; a lot of women can’t let go of their impulse to lead. And why should they? Only because the culture says so. (Or not. ??? None such stuff is really clear.)

The culture reinforces the majority tendency. Majority tendencies don’t need any reinforcing. They’re already reinforced.

We lie about human sexuality because we’re taught to lie about everything.
When you have a nation that totally lies, then you have no reality.
Gore Vidal

I grew up mixing unconventional behavior with conventional beliefs. As an adult I’ve rethought convention, reviewed it against scientific data, theory, reasoned challenges … I make my own challenges. My public challenges have been political, theological, sociological … informational, systemic … Here I’m going to make one that’s cultural, sexual.

I’m still on my “writer’s vacation” here, so I’m not going to research and confirm my reference. [Refers to introductory remarks I’d made with my Sex Stories.] The point stands regardless of my scholarship. As Columbia freshmen we read snippets of scholarship, a smorgasbord of theory and research. One anthropologist reported alternate behavior in alien cultures. Malinowsky I believe was a principal such. He wrote of a culture where young boys are introduced to love by old women: the girls are trained by old men.

The “Christianity” I was raised in confused ignorance and inexperience with innocence. I find my culture to be ignorant, wrong-headed, barbaric. I don’t go around training young girls because I trust I can get more work done outside of jail. But I believe the laws are deeply wrong. I believe that anyone who gets a girl pregnant should be punished. Perhaps the fetus should be automatically aborted: perhaps the foolish boy (or man) and girl should be aborted with the fetus.

Sex inevitably ruins perfection.
David Brin note

Once upon a time the young were married swiftly after puberty. Shakespeare’s Juliet was supposed to be thirteen, going on fourteen. Elizabethan girls typically remained infertile till they were sixteen or seventeen. Married at thirteen, they still wouldn’t bear till they were seventeen or eighteen. They’d have a few years of marriage before they became mothers. The boys would marry at seventeen or eighteen, but few of them would have been leaking semen since age ten, eleven, or twelve. Pre-civilized man may have had ten and twelve year old puberties for the simple reason that the gatherer / hunter method of procuring food resulted in nutrition vastly superior to the nutrition of agriculture: this century, in the most spectacularly “developed” nations, making the first exceptions in millennia. But with “development,” marriage is postponed.

Once upon a time the priest’s advice about continence only applied for a few months. Now we feel the pressure in the seventh grade but don’t actually wed till we have our doctorate, are set up in business, have finished with military service. People with property marry at thirty if they marry then. It’s the whores and junkies who are having our children for us. No wonder demographics are shifting rapidly: the privileged eliminate themselves. Good riddance. Except that the drug raddled, resourceless substitutes are so far from “better” that they may actually be, hard as it may be to believe, “worse.” Civilized man is committing suicide. I’d approve without reservation if I thought it would leave a better world.

Once upon a time we lived naked. We were naked when we were healthy. We were naked when we were sick. Living in groups, everybody saw everything. More boys are born. Everybody sees a lot of little penises. Plenty of girls are born. Everybody sees a lot of little pussy. The boys start getting erections. Who doesn’t know it? The girls bud, the girls bleed, the girls bloat, the girls get cranky. Even banishing them to the woods for a few days as many native Americans do, doesn’t leave the majority ignorant of what’s happening.

A child is born. Tit is one of the first things he sees, feels, tastes … Tits are nice: for girls as well as boys. But in our culture, the tit is taken away first opportunity. The tits form behind veils, behind curtains, behind locked doors.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw an adult’s pudendum. My aunt had left the door open. She stepped from the shower, put a towel to her face. What in the world was that big black bush? I was horrified.

Ridiculous. If we all lived naked, everybody should know female anatomy at every age and at every angle. We’d know our own shitting and the shitting of others. We’d know our own everything and the everything of others. The girl is pretty? Great. But you also saw her when she was sick, when she first grew pubic hair, when she learned to sew …

Marrying a woman for her beauty makes no more sense
than eating a bird for its singing.
But it’s a common mistake nonetheless.
Cold Mountain

I believe that removing women’s and girl’s bodies from boys is a terrible thing to do to everybody. And I believe that concealing maleness from girls is just as harmful.

My childhood girlfriends loved my penis. They loved my little sack. Why should any girl be deprived of playing with what’s so abundant? So they won’t get pregnant? Nonsense. Just teach them to keep the cum away from their cervix. Teach them to spurt it here, there, and everywhere: everywhere except that one place. Don’t expect a young boy to be able to control himself. Encourage the girls to entertain themselves with the men. Let the boys lose their control with women who can’t be harmed by their enthusiasm, women who’ll appreciate and enjoy it. Sow the too abundant seed on infertile ground.

Unless of course you need more population. That’s when the young should couple with the young.

Sow the too abundant seed on infertile ground.

Anthropologists report other cultures where the boys and girls are put together into one big sexual playpen at puberty. That culture didn’t mind the resulting pregnancies. They had to maintain, possibly to expand, their population. We need to reverse ours: reverse it wholesale.

Other peoples have commonly required proof of fertility prior to marriage. No female could get married until she had already borne children. That makes sense too. It all depends on what the society needs.

Modern man doesn’t live in society. Society, community … these are fictions: like law and order. At least we no longer have homogeneous societies: one god, one set of taboos, one set of customs … And even homogeneous cultures have a history: the loving god used to be a bloodsucker, the reviled thing used to be sacred, the sacred thing used to be reviled …

I heard my mother tell my sister that her marriage was to be everything for her, that she was to “save” all of herself for it, give all of herself to it. I overheard that and took it seriously, same as I took “all men are created equal” seriously, same way I took “thou shalt not kill,” and “one man, one vote.” These are sacred sayings. They’d better be: because they’re hardly sensible.

Did you sleep with your wife before you were married?
Not a wink.
Putney Swope

This “society” has inherited some habits “designed” to assure paternity for the male paying the bills. But why should the male pay the bills? Woman have incomes too these days. Women can now inherit. But why should we have incomes or inheritance in an industrial society? Just make what’s needed that can be made, distribute it or get out of the way of those who need it getting it, and get out of the way of people finding the rest of what they need for themselves.

If modern life is so complicated that enduring it requires “education” (or, if the government just has to find employment for x number of dolts, and what better way to do it than to force your kid to spend the first third of his life with those dolts?) then the imposed-upon students should not also be imposed upon also to support themselves or to raise children. Why not let the young fuck like rabbits, let all the children be born, but let who will raise them. Don’t require the junkie mother to do it. (And don’t let another set of state dolts, the social workers, do it either.)

What I would really like is to be given back the natural world, find my own food, erotic partners … But if we have to turn everything into a farm, a hospital, a circus, don’t still pretend that there’s a world there which is anybody’s oyster. Those who wish to convert nature into property should have to handsomely compensate those who’d have preferred the nature to the property. Or kill us so we don’t have to suffer. It was a terrible thing for the Was’i Chu to do to leave any hunter gatherers alive to behold the disappearance of the world in which anyone could make their way with a little luck: luck like not running into a rampaging tribe, not falling off a cliff …) (But still, without government, getting eaten by cannibals is no one’s “fault”; just bad luck. With government, everything is the government’s fault. And rightly so.

I had a friend who “got a girl pregnant”: the conventional way of putting it, as though the male did something the female didn’t do. He decided to “do the right thing.” I came to know the wife better than I ever knew the husband, and I’m convinced: he didn’t get her pregnant; she got pregnant. Anyway the child looked just like the father. Then there were two other children: who look nothing like the father. Long after the kids were well grown, I fucked the wife myself. Before I did, everybody else I knew already had. Yet there’s my friend: supporting three kids.

We believe fathers should support their own? Fine. Prove they’re their own. Once upon a time we couldn’t. Now we can. All customs, all expectations, should change. Use the damn technology. Use our damn brains. And our wills. Totally: to redesign culture.

Will the new design be better? Automatically? Right away? Not likely. But it could hardly be worse. And it might be better. Keep whatever changes are better. Throw away the changes that aren’t. But change everything first. Don’t keep any of the old.

My nature says that I would be a wonderful teacher of safe sex to young girls.

I want to tell about a particular girl whose teacher I would have loved to have been. As it was: I had to keep myself bottled. She had to learn whatever she learned however she learned it.

I just spent more time than I’d intended spell-checking these three files. My “writer’s vacation” is enduring too long. Yet I really want to get back to what I was saying. Oh well, I can only do two or three things at a time. This file however, I now realize, is too important to just babble on with. I must find a way to restart it and make it good. In the meantime your own talents as a reader, thinker, and imaginer may make up for some of my haste-induced shortcomings.

Marriage is something young people some times do to themselves;
more often it’s something the society’s elders do to the young people,
controlling things.

There’s an instinct in most men that keeps us tied to beautiful women.
It’s a real honest-to-God weakness,
and it’s part of what makes us die younger.
Vitals note

Getting Rid of the Bad Sperm

2001 04 27 This is a sex story of sorts. It could also have gone into any number of folders at . This homepage is full of instances where society, were it capable of understanding its good thinkers, would have benefited by listening to pk and following his recommendations. I make no claim to being the first, last, or only such thinker. And last night I was reminded of some good advice from my early-Sixties army buddy, Phil. We all know how medieval medicine practiced bleeding. Somebody got sick, some “doctor” pierced a vein or stuck a leech on them. Get rid of the bad blood, the excess humors, whatever. It was an esthetic theory. It was supposed to restore balance to the system. Not a bad idea had they only known how to do it. Phil said that the Galenists were right except in an important detail. They were getting rid of the wrong body fluid. When sick, one must get rid of the “bad sperm.”

Sounds like a good idea for males only? Think. If it’s esthetic, it ought to have a reciprocal, a complement, n’est ce pas? So, in the same prescription applied to the female, the sick girl needs to receive some “good sperm.” The sperm that’s “bad” accumulating in the male turns “good” the moment it is injected into the female.

My dear friend Catherine is now ninety-two and three-quarters years old. She’s been a real pain lately: in-pain and a-pain. Her sweet Dr. Jeckyll is replaced more and more regularly by her abrasive, no-fun Mr. Hyde. Yesterday I took her for a ride in the country, fed her a nice dinner of steamed rice, tofu, surimi, and spinach. Then I offered her a bone. She took it. Today she feels much better. And so do I.

Yet I just chided her: for not already knowing the lesson, I having taught it to her many times before: quoting Phil, giving the whole comic build up. Should one have to be introduced to aspirin each time one has a headache? No. Feel pain, ask for an aspirin. Feel ill, hike your skirts. Re-seducing the seduced is unnecessarily exhausting.

This had been in the pk Comments section of my Sex Stories. I moved the sex stories to a blog, the blog got evaporated, apparently Google didn’t like anonymity. That makes for a separate resurrection: Sex Stories specifically, and all K. K. got censored in 2007 after my arrest in 2006, the sex blog got evaporated by Google in 2008 or 09.

Firm Lead

2013 09 02 Boy, is that comment out of date. I resumed dancing after I got out of jail, lead by a social worker trying to put me in the way of women again. I’d given up dancing fifty-five years before, unsuited to any partners but my one fabulous partner from the sixth grade on till she upgraded her professional status from local pro to Las Vegas pro, Sinatra’s invitation at age fourteen. So: age 70 I resume dancing, making sure to learn a firm lead. Now my lead is famous: at least around Highlands County.
Carole said my lead made any woman look good on the dance floor!

pk Jan New Years 2013


Vitals Quote:

I swear to you, this quote is profound; but those who do not know the 2002 Greg Bear novel are not likely to guess its depth. The novel is deep into microbiology and evolution. Our instincts have their own ancient agenda. I am not saying that that’s bad. Personally, I am on the side of mortality. I believe that forty-five+ years is plenty: whatever its cost to intelligence: much more than most mammals get.

Sex inevitably ruins perfection:

David Brin’s Glory Season was talking about the genetic vagaries of sexual reproduction as distinct from budding, cloning, sending shoots and runners. But the perception has echoes in the love side of things too.

What’s in a name?
2015 08 13 Males try to make a name for themselves. Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan … (though again and again those names aren’t names, but classifications: Julius was a family name, he was of the Julii family; his personal name was Gaius. Ditto Genghis: his personal name was Temujin.) Females don’t try to dominate hierarchically: they don’t centralize power; they spread it: they are the power, the structure, the infrastructure. Until the genome fails, and then they’re not. Then, if life remains lucky, some other genus, family, class will compete to make and spread the mold: or, existence will give up on reproduction. Who knows what else we’d be doing by then? (“We” in this case means life, existence, not human life, human existence.

Fertile Love
Male / Female
Sex Notes
pk Sex Comments
Tête à Tête


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