Cobb vs. Ruth

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Ty Cobb versus Babe Ruth

Ty Cobb thought he exemplified everything that was great about baseball. He played hard. He made things happen. Apparently he thought that America was doing him dirty to prefer Babe Ruth and his awsome power.

Poor Cobb. Coming in cleets first, intimidation … killing the Injun, lynching the n-word (Bowdlerizing K. 2016 07 31), despising the cuny (Bowdlerizing K. 2016 07 29) … that’s what the good guys did: so how come fewer and fewer people loved him?

Ty Cobb, cleats high
Ty Cobb, cleats high
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I’ll expand on this at my leisure, but those first comments point the way.

Babe Ruth
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One story I’d better tell before I forget. I was told this in the army and have no desire to check its veracity or exact accuracy.

It was Mickey Cochrane’s rookie year. Where the legendary-to-be catcher had learned his ball, you razz the opposition. Ty Cobb came to bat for the opponents. Mickey made comments about his stance, his legs, whatever. Cobb gives him a dirty look: a warning only for the kid’s first offences. Back in the dugout Cochrane is told to lay off Cobb. Rookie Mickey though keeps it up. Cobb comes to bat for what’s likely to be his last time in that game. The staff signals for the pitcher to walk him. Cochrane puts his glove to the side, then steps to the glove’s indicated position to recieve the pitch: ball one, ball two, ball three … The fourth pitch is way to the side, almost wild. Cobb throws his bat in its direction. Makes contact. Ball rolls fair.
Cobb sprints for first. No one expected to have to do any fielding on an intentional walk: safe. Cobb keeps going. Now there’s a throw. Cobb shows his spikes and the shortstop fumbles the ball. Cobb races to third, knocks the thirdbaseman down: and zeros on home. Throw to the plate. Mickey Cochrane fields the throw, gets into position … Cobb goes into his slide, his sharpened spikes high, both feet, aimed for Cochrane.

Inside the park homerun! On an intentional walk! Muffed plays at every base! Especially at the target base: home: and impudent Mickey Cochrane.

Mickey Cochrane
thanx howstuffworks

Presumably Cochran learned that he might well have listened to his senior teammates’ advice: lay off Cobb.

2013 09 08 God, I love that story. Limp-eyed, seeing it again. Sorry the fed censored me in the first place, but glad to retell it.

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