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I was just visiting one of my pk Quotes posts, to edit, to add. Lo & Behold I see a message that an ad could appear there!

In 1970 my Free Learning Exchange, the world’s first offer of a public internet, supported by voluntary public contributions only, offered cheap advertising to anyone: anyone: not state-supervised, not mercantile controlled

FLEX was offered as an alternative to the school systems: let experts announce themselves via a bulletin board system, let the public rate the offerings, publish feedback, let the public bypass experts by peer matching ..

That the public gave very little support I see as only tangentially my fault. That my announcements came to be suffocated I see as entirely the fault of three entities: the state, the mercantile market, the moron public, showing no intelligent insticts for self-preservation.

FLEX was a fundamental ad structure, but a politically free ad structure. It was not power poker advertising.

So: FLEX was among other things an alternative to advertising! such as we’d come to know it in the 20th Century.

I founded FLEX, 1970, after the state (and its tame university system) had already sabotaged me as a teacher: as far as I can tell, I’m still blackballed by that system: the age of McCarthy never ended.
But! In the 1980s I was loaned a Commodore 64, to help my write my first novel. FLEX offered an internet that did not depend on personal computers. Personal Computers had not yet been “invented”! I saw a system of terminals renting time on already existing mainframes. Each terminal would need to be staffed by someone who could enter data and read out data and translate for the public user: but the public individual did not need to be a programmer or an engineer … any more than the child using a library with a librarian present needed to know the Dewey classification system. The librarian would need to know where things were, the public would have assistance.

But the mercantile state, the US, the society with compulsory schooling, school boards made up of Smith and Jones, not Newton and Einstein, the system neither intelligent nor literate nor necessarily honest nor necessarily well-intentioned …

In other words: in real anarchism, nothing would be the public’s fault (though something might be the species’ fault, the ecology’s fault); in hierarchical top-down institutions, everything is the rulers’ fault!

Anyway: in the 1990s I got a Mac, got a business site, then got a home page. By 2006 “K.” was comprised by six domains (and three blogs). In 2006 I was arrested. It wasn’t bad enough to have interrupted me all my life, to have not published my divine or natural messages, but in 2007 federal judge Martinez censored my satire again NYU’s English department! and my host deleted all my data! My business, evaporated, my thousands of personal publications, suppressed.

Ah, but the judge missed the blogs! went down, along with and and But IonaArc and InfoAll and Macroinformation still lived: even though they carried only a few percent of the holdings of the domains of the same names.

Anyway: 2008, I started republishing the K. complex via blogs. Then I opened this WordPress blog, godless them — its still another thing plagiarizing my FLEX, another white man farming the Indian’s ground, but it’s something. So: here I am, nearly 2,000 posts resurrected or new: thousands more to go, but the most important already up or at least hinted at.
At Judgment God can explain to us, if he wants to be bothered, what additional crimes attend wasting my time repeating what I’d already written, preventing me from writing new things.
If every time Shakespeare writes a poem the Stationers Register censors it, and Shakespeare has to reconstruct All’s Well and Romeo and Juliet, then Shakespeare can’t very well be writing Hamlet or Lear. What if England had burned Priestley’s lab before he’d discovered the nature of air?

What if the public arsons then concocted their own cockamamy theory of air? and denied credit to Priestley?

To date God only speaks through people like Jesus, like St. Francis, like Ivan Illich, like me …
It ought to be an easy matter for God to show even kleptocrats his original manuscripts for the Bible and then to show that what we display instead are all miscopyings, perversions, tampered evidence. But why should he bother? Stupid, dishonest species pretending to be intelligent, to honor learning should die in their own filth of lies, ASAP.

Yes, ah, but does the resurrected K. have to advertise?
Well, here’s what I just thought: they do do the service, though inferior to my offering, they do do it, it’s better than nothing. I don’t pay them, I’ve never been paid. So: they want to earn a little from someone else’s ad: OK. I’m tired of fighting, I have no budget for fighting, I have little budget for anything.

PS. The public doesn’t pay me for my work, the public assists the state and the mercantile market and the kleptocracy in punishing me for my work, but don’t think God hasn’t already paid me for my work. Oh, it doesn’t show here, in LaLaLand. …
If you want to know what he’s given me, ask God! If he wants to answer, he will.
Meantime, I’ll give a hint. One hint toward just one thing, an important thing though: my girl friend!
She doesn’t give me the billions I’d need to do my work truly. She doesn’t even make sure my dialup bill is paid, or the phone bill. But she does help with zillions of personal pleasures: not just her love, but nice meals, home and out, beautiful property to tend, a nice beach to fish … and even some home improvements.

Jan, My Love


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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