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Jordan, Pippen, Rodman
The 90s Bulls found the right triangle to execute their triangle.



Ali! Nadja!
Joe Louis! Joltin’ Joe! The Mick!
Rocket! Muscles! Bjorn! Martina! (Bof’ ’em.) Stephie!
These are people who’ve stopped my heart! And I love them forever for it.

Jean Claude! Hashim Khan! Pelé! Oxanna Baiul!

It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.
Roger Federer

2017 02 26 First one Martina ruled the world, then the other. Then along came the Williams sisters and Hingis’ genius was blunted. Great as the Williams are, it’s still a shame: because tennis was seldom so intelligently played as we came to know it from the Hingis racket. And she was beaucoup cute too, baby fat and all! Female baby fat. Well, Serina is still going strong: and, if you look over at the doubles courts, so is Martina H. I just watched her and Laender Paes demolish another pair. He’s fabulous: and she is so cute as an adult, a perfect woman body, I can forget all about baby fat.
Speaking of tennis scribble updates, I learned something recently I’m humiliated not to have known before. The world called Rosewall “Muscles” as a sarcasm: they were punctuating that he didn’t have any! Well, Ken was no Nadal, true, but to me, half-century ago, skinny me, the name fit.

AO 2017 01 17 TV has shown us lots of female heinie by now, none ever cuter than Camila Georgi! YOUTube just sampled a bunch. Wonderful. But speaking of sex and tennis 2018 is special for showcasing Rafa Nadal in hot pink! Put it on Rafa and it looks masculine no matter.

The remainder of this original string of files i move to a Sports Scrapbook.

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