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First I transcribe this exactly as I sent it: intra-family shorthand and all. If I find time I’ll edit it down and translate it into more general English.

Magic Street
thanx amazon

Context: a series of pk to bk comments on Orson Scott Card’s recent [2005ish?] novel, Magic Street:

… 200 pp into it Card has finally shown enough cards for us to guess what kind of a game he’s playing and perhaps not be completely wrong. And now, whether I think it’s altogether well done or not, I love it. (Indeed, I now suspect he’s shown us ALL his cards: for this story. We’ll have new plot, but I now don’t expect new cosmological revelations, we can now ID the magical forest.)

And I’m itching to say something about theology in relation: In writing Paradise Lost, Milton RE-wrote Christianity. I don’t believe he started out meaning to, but he did just the same. Ditto Luther, Bunyan, the writers in Babylon of the OT … the writers of the gospels 1900 years ago …

thanx constitution

500 BC the priests started to record their sacred oral tradition. Initially, they just wanted to transmit, not transmogrify. But then they see this embarrassing blood demon of their forebears, and a little constructive heresy creeps in. Theological evolution (not always “positive”, not necessary more complex, but a new species just the same).

And I did in Model. [First Week] And you did in your flashlights play. [After The End: bk’s links have also come and gone: search bkMarcus.com.]

The Babylon priests, St. John, Milton, Card … pk, bk … Shakespeare, we’re all theological revisionists. Can’t help it. Doesn’t matter what we thought we meant.

Anyhow, Card’s Magic Street is now become not only very Midsummer Night’s Dream but also very Paradise Lost, very Sandman, very The Model.

And again I say, that whether I share Card’s theology or not (I could no more share Card’s theology than I could share Milton’s, or you could share mine …), he’s not merely the fool he sometimes seems.
Genius / fool, like Dan Simmons.

Also: There’s the official Bible, there’s the Apocrypha. Wanna get burned alive? Suggest that some scroll you just found buried yesterday, 2,000 years old, 3,000 years old, belongs in the bible. But the Bible is made from stuff dug up. No age ever has its current Bible, the MSs are always buried, not published, repressed. (Not always; sometimes; but never none. There’s always this generation’s gospel that IS read and this generation’s gospel that is buried.)

The scrolls were buried in a jar for 2000 years. Model is published only by me, only a short excerpt. Flashlights is published only by you. Not more than 3 people reading either. In fact I don’t think that 3 people have read the Model. (Maybe a dozen have read First Week, maybe three dozen.) (I don’t know that YOU have read Model III. You commented on Week Two, but I don’t remember a breath on Week Three. Or on Voices. Even though I specifically asked you.)

BUT that doesn’t mean it won’t be the New Testament 2,000 years FROM now. And it doesn’t matter if we go extinct tomorrow. My explorers from Comet could find it 100 million years in the future, take it back to Aldeberon, say Look what a human from that kleptocracy did …

Yours, mine, anyone’s. Then again, on Aldeberon, they might be just as stupid, just as credulous, have just as bad judgment … as we do.

2005 10 18 I gushed that email to bk at a moment when, as I say, I loved Magic Street. Turned the page, and I hated it. Again. I don’t think I’ll be able to bear to finish it. Because of the cosmology.

But I’ll also say that stylistically it has degenerated. At first his black-neighborhood, step-up-from-Watts diction was inspired. But he doesn’t keep it up. Chapters 1, 2, 3 … were carefully wrought; for the bulk of the book he might as well have been drunk.

Good books should sustain.

2013 09 15 I don’t have an exact date for the above, it was at least by 2005. A year later I’d be arrested, 2007 K. would be censored, 2013 I’m still trying to restore K. of 2006! Though I add new stuff too. But: let me tell you, mounting this today, editing it: I have zero memory of this novel!
I’ve read a lot of Card, largely because of bk. Well, I remember some of it, recently reread Ender’s Game.
bk’s bkMarcus.com went the way of entropy. He’s now remounted some of it. The FBI didn’t destroy his; time & economics did. But find and read his story, definitely my son.


Theres’a series of enthymemes in my above word “repressed”: maybe I should sill a bit of that in now: archeologists dig things up that were buried. They dig Pompaii from Vesuvius’ lava. The Dead Sea scrolls: where they buried by volcano? by time? Some stuff gets buried to hide it from the censors: like hiding Jesus from Herod. It’s buried because it’s heresy, not because it’s old, or unlucky.

I write my theology / cosmology, I offer it for publication, anticipating discussion. No, it gets ignored, not published, not discussed. I also want to discuss whether Americans can possibly legitimately own territory stolen by genocide, built by fraudulent justice systems (arrest all the n-s, make them build all the roads …), but that too doesn’t get published, doesn’t get discussed. So: it gets buried, God’s messages to me, and god’s messages to me, and nature’s messages through me … Partly by neglect, partly deliberately, by me: Hiding Jesus from Herod’s men. Maybe Jesus can survive tomorrow if he can’t survive today. …

The FBI, the federal court, the thugs who sat on my face so I couldn’t breathe let alone speak, wanted to bury me, but I keep trying to wriggle out, to expose what they buried: to unbury what I myself buried … protecting my divine pregnancy.

Weeks 1, 2, 3

My First Week was imagined as the first part in a trilogy. I thought of it in the late ’50s, I wrote a 2,000 word version of it in the late ’60s. In 1989 I wrote quick versions of Week Two, Week Three. Week One I’ve put online. I have not put Weeks 2 or 3 online: because I’ve gotten next to zero feedback for Week One!

But the enemies of Christ who repress inspired writing shouldn’t feel safe. They swap their bible for God’s bible, Christians let them (don’t ever forget for one second: we won’t know who the real Christians are until Jesus embraces them!) History shows us getting away with it! But are we really? Do we really imagine that God has no copy of his own original? Do we really think that because we control our own puppets we’ll be able to control Him! at His judgment?

Well, maybe we will, but we won’t be able to control the truth! just ’cause we seem to have been getting away with fraud at every turn.
We can say with 100% unanimity that we don’t have cancer, that we smoked, that we got away with it: while we hack, and cough, and bleed on the pillow.
We can agree with 100% unanimity that we’re intelligent, honest, honorable, sentient … At some point the check is going to hit the bank, and then …


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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