Bold Cripple

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I succeeded in surviving with variations of
the same trick
on other occasions. I’ll give one more example: 1976ish.

The CEO of FLEX is now the CEO of PK Fine Arts, Ltd. Yours truly. The CEO is crippled, my lower back problems getting jump started in my middle-late thirties. I come out of the bank on Broadway and head toward home and office at Riverside Drive. Three dudes drinking beer outside the welfare hotel perk up. “There’s money,” one says. They form a triangle around me. I’m in so much pain as it is, I can’t bear the thought of any more.

I’m a slender 5’8″, maybe 135 pounds at the time. The guy who spoke was maybe 6’2″. Flab over beef. They’re all what we call black, Caribbean or such. I alter my course straight for him. I get impolitely close. Right in his face I say, “Are you talking to me?

Apparently not. The triangle dissolved.
(That’s the same guy who called “Eh, General Patton” to me on another occasion: and grinned. I didn’t grin back, but inwardly I was beaming.)

There are those who disapprove of gambling but who forget their scruples when invited to the track. There are others who disapprove of gambling who nevertheless become degenerate at it. I have always disapproved of gambling and remain almost a virgin as I reach sixty. With regard to poker and the horses that is. [Seventy-five now, still true.]

With my life, I have always gambled freely. [Gambling is one module on the subject: there are others still to be resurrected from the censorship.]

Lower Back Problems

Resurrecting 2013 09 20 What a kick to see my reference to the lower back problems that had me occasionally crippled forty years ago. My back acted up the worst in 1983 when I lived the whole summer, mostly naked, on a mountain side, writing my novel. I’d found a miracle worker of a chiropractor in NYC around 1976, but he disappeared. Other chiropractors where not miracle workers: struck me as more frauds, like the doctors. Until I landed in Sebring, 1989, still occasionally crippled. That’s better coming up on sixty than it was coming up on thirty-five, then forty. Ah, but a chiropractor here (in Avon Park) X_rayed my standing body, noted an a-symmetry, and prescribed a 5/16″ lift for my right shoe. I complied.
My frame rebelled, but I kept it up, agonizingly crippled: for one month. Then it cleared, and I’ve had little problem since.
I reported that story to an osteopath and he said that one month only of suffering was a miracle. Obviously most people couldn’t follow the prescription for one week! let alone a month.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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