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Blab about movie related things: not necessarily a specific movie or star. Any note about a movie can graduate to a post; any movie extra blab could similarly graduate to a separate module: with its own title, its own link in the menu.

Movie-scribble-bibble about movie-reated things:

Quote, from a DVD:

Be advised: Some of the Following Images
Are Graphic in Nature

What’s that supposed to mean? We all know, but it’s euphemized. They mean graphic in the sense of vivid: where vivid means violent! or bloody, or sexy, or obscene. They mean images the Puritan may not want his fellow Puritans to see, or his wife, or his children.
But they don’t say that: they say “graphic”! Graphic just means an image, or, pertaining to an image (generally an image on paper).

It’s a redundancy, lame brained: some of the graphics are graphic. Uh, Duh.

Words change meaning, dictionaries forever have to be revised. I was in the art business, one form or another, from the mid-1950s onward. As of 1974 I was in the multiple original art business: we called any work of art on paper a “graphic.” noun. Now more often than not the noun means a computer print out. Ah, language.

Sometimes I scribble notes in the densest code. Sometimes I myself don’t know what I was trying to remind myself of. Some information can be subtracted from the message and the message will still be decipherable; then there’s the straw that if removed subtracts fatally from the camel being a camel, remove it and the camel doesn’t have a back. When the word builds letter by letter, as on Wheel of Fortune, at what point will the cleverest contestant guess the whole? at what point will the densest contestant see it also?

The above scribbles may graduate to their own module. There’s regularly some scribble-bibble cast to the bulk of my posts, few are final in their finish. Here follow notes that maybe I’ll record as guessable; and others that may stick in the craw, indigestible.

Movies as a kid, movies as an old man: public, entertainment, Susan Haywood vs FBI threats. Wizard of Oz vs Pirate bombardment

FBI Warning! so entertaining, good for the children, charge admission, then threaten everybody

Bruce Willis, Last Man Standing, Clint … Kurosawa, Mifune
Yojimbo was funny! as well as exciting
cf economic possibility: the gang dominated town of Y could have sustained for a while, but not the 100% machine gun Kelly town in the Willis nightmare
Last Man just stupid, & offensive: offensively stupid.
why shoot one bullet to the heart or brain, when you can pour of whole magazine of bullets into the one guy with thirty more guys coming behind him.
good, with stupid heroes we all die the quicker.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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