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As reported, I’m on a Saoirse Ronan binge, which relates to the Zoe Salander binge I was on a year or so ago. And now I’m bumping into more Saoirse: one of those things where you become acquainted with something, and overnight you keep stumbling over more of it: Keira Knightly, Houdini, Joe Wright … Tolstoy!
(If you’ve following Saoirse Ronan you’ll follow that list.)

thanx dvdizzy

I’ll blab along, you’re welcome to browse along. One thing led to another, then I see that Keira and Saoirse paired in Atonement. Had I seen it? I see and read much more than I can keep track of. I browse a little harder and find myself borrowing the source novel, by Ian McEwan, from the library. Next thing I know my enthusiasm for the girls is dwarfed by my excitement at reading McEwan. Gee, last week I was trying to get going, finally, over Virginia Wolfe and the Bloomesburys: next thing I know I encounter brilliant writing from a seeming Edwardian / modern!

McEwan presents a couple of simple situations through the eyes of a young woman, then through the eyes of her younger sister. More complications come from the visiting cousins: one of the twins has wet his bed, now he is made to wash his own sheets before the household. The servants, whom the boy may grow up to abuse and cheat at whim join in the gang humiliation: and I think: I’ve never been through that particular humiliation but I don’t doubt that there’s an ample tradition for it … And suddenly I do remember from my own experience: Camp Starcrest, 1940s, my sister and I have been packed off so the quarreling parents can re-honeymoon.

Sheets in the Wind

I’m in shock, I don’t know what’s going on, and I wasn’t the only one. Some unhappy kid is assigned to our miserable barracks. He shits the bed. And next morning he has to display his filthy stinking sheet on the clothes line behind the barracks. All the counselors come down on him. Shame, shame …
Did Abraham have to go through that? Paul Bunyan? I can’t imagine Genghis Khan accepting that humiliation at any age.
I wish we had had Genghis Khan at StarCrest: then maybe it would be the counselors and owners and parents who would be shaking their gory guts in the breeze.

Last night I saw Avatar for the second time. I marvelled all the more. Second time around I also discovered things to hate: and to hate – love.

Colonel Quaritch
thanx computerweekly

Parker Selfridge
evil corporate moron murderer
well cinecast
thanx listal

I loved lots of things about the movie, including the brightly warm bosom of Michelle Rodriguez. When she did Girl Fight I had high hopes for her, but I couldn’t imagine, or at least didn’t imagine, the string of wonders she’s participated in.

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