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2005 February I started a dictionary of pk symbols, graduated to K. (“”) symbols, at IonaArc, then, as this blog began to become the rebuilt K., I moved them here: replicating, editing. Some of those symbols — god, Jesus — seem familiar because they’re spelled the same as common symbols. No, no: you have to know what Newton means by gravity to understand what Newton is saying, no, you have to know what Darwin means by God, don’t let the Archbishop revise Darwin in Darwin’s name.

Here’s a scrapbook for notes on symbols that pk is toying with: potential future K. symbols (unofficial symbols thinking of becoming official):

  1. F5
    Short for “the Fortune 500”: which I do not mean literally: there are more than five hundred corporations that dominate our culture. If there were fewer the points would be the same.
    Political theorists call the phenomenon I refer to “the mercantile state.”
    Once upon a time priests ruled, shamans. We thought that our prosperity was governed by magic.
    Then kings shared the political booty: under agricultural and military banners. Then the English crown, for example, still honored land titles, messed around with them, but started granting political favors to successful manufacturers … then coal mine cartels … The king didn’t one day say, “Oh, let’s make textiles the next big thing”: no, textiles became the next big thing, then the king said, “Oh, textiles: let’s give them favored status”: politics always following, not leading, history.
    Anyway, along comes the US: and who gets favored by new laws, by new property redistributions, becomes volatile: land, then cattle, then water, then sheep, then coal, oil … information.
    The king, priest, president is the puppet, the F5 the puppeteer.
    And then we stunt our children with reams of bull about Freedom of Religion, and our Puritan heritage. It’s true that the Puritans defined things for some places for some time, but the state swallowed all that without burping.
    But don’t ever think the “state” is “Hitler”: and that’s the end of it: the “state” is this cartel cooperating with that cartel, and greasing a path for a Hitler, a Nixon, a Bush.
    It’s a shaggy symbol, like “god.” This particular dogma may say that its members are GM, IBM … Never mind exactly who’s a member today: it’s those guys.
    We think our theology is cooked up by priests who sit around all day wondering if God’s name is Jehovah or Allah, or Dick or Mildred; No, the God’s name and nature are distilled by Beyer and Dow … and fed to all the little fools, in church, in school, in the media … all F5 dominated.
  2. Cannibals & Missionaries has a post in another section: it’s still a candidate symbol.

K. Symbols

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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