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Thus sayeth pk:

god is to everything what music is to sound.

There: I offer the above, in pk blue, as a pk classic. Below I add additional selections, on a range of topics, but in plain b&w, seeing whether one hundred quotes seems fit for one file. Additional posts will offer other quotes somewhat categorized.

Those who see the Institution’s ass are beneath the Institution’s notice.

Boundary: the coupling of differences.

There further: we’ve got cosmology, sociology, non-standard theology and non-standard individualist philosopher … mystic information science …
Categorize, but be flexible.

A species is a dialogue with an environment.

Few should expect heaven while Christ remains crucified.

Where knowledge is possible, the need for belief evaporates.

The purpose of human society is to crush nature into a beer can and leave it on the beach.

Jesus overturned the money tables in the Temple of Jerusalem. Churches turn them business-side-up again.

The centers of art & science are distinct; their borders overlap in a blur.

“Reality” is a symbol: a symbol that would impose a world view, elbowing examination aside.

I kick where it hurts. Try not to flinch, we may yet survive: not me, not you, but perhaps some of us.

God speaks: man overwrites the message with noise.
Nature, the universe speaks (god in lower case): man overwrites the message with noise.
Science speaks: man overwrites the message with red-taped noise.

God can communicate with humans only where what God has to say coincides with what humans are willing to hear.

Way overpopulated, I hope nature gets rid of the bulk of us semi-sentients before nature is tempted to get rid of sentience.

Our success assures that the seeds of our failure will spread far and wide.

Religion reflects human imagination concerning the cosmos. Organized religion restricts human imagination concerning the cosmos.

Truth cannot be established where it conflicts with prestige.

People don’t want to know that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Even science is due for a spring cleaning.

When our enemies cheat, they forfeit all rights; when we cheat, we’re just being sensible.

Existing learning limits new learning.

Telling the truth has little effect if the public mythology and the truth are incompatible.

God is dead: Long live god.

Knowledge is local; ignorance universal.

How does one know what game one is in? (Meta games, games plural.)
One don’t!

We are taught things as static. We experience them as dynamic. We think stationary. We live moving.

There are no (revealed) paths to truth; only paths shown to avoid known errors.

“I mean that literally” really means Please take my metaphor seriously.

Skepticism betrays a faith in intellect.

In kleptocracy even the churches are built on stolen land.

Ignorance is our only possible condition.

The conventionally moral can always gang up on the creatively ethical.

It’s not wrong to be wrong; it’s wrong to remain wrong.
Learning is not possible without error.The soul is a synergy of synergies among synergies: a synergy between the synergy stack of the individual organism and its relation to the aggregates of the aggregates of synergy stacks at large.

The drunk’s pink elephants leave no usable fertilizer.

Humans are a child that plays at being grown up. Some of us delude ourselves that we really are grown up: and that our theology is really about god, our science really about the universe, our philosophy really about the truth … But our worst delusion is that our government is really about freedom.

It’s a fiction that there are such things as facts.

In our culture the media hold the mirror while the thieves and murderers tune the cosmetic lighting.

Punishing those we’ve wronged is merely standard human behavior.

What is it that I don’t know that I don’t know?
I don’t know.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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