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I’m surprised to find only a few mentions of authorsmanship to date at K.:

FLEX History, Experiences
Deschooling: René Dubos
The Tower of Babel: Diversity vs. Mono-Culture
Taleb, Black Swan

I’d have sworn I’d developed the concept better. When I can get to it, here’s where I shall do so. Meantime I must add that a Google search doesn’t come up with much [c. 2001]: three of the four top mentions are to my own modules. There is though a reference to an S. Freedman. Is that the author of the book popular in the 1950s that I’m citing? I expected an Amazon reference: the date and publisher of the book of that title.

The top link is only slightly helpful: Authorsmanship, or how to review the literature without actually opening a book: with a reference to the McGill Medical Journal, 1952. I’d swear I read it in paperback. Or was it read to me c. 1956 by my dorm neighbor, Bob deJong?

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