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@ K. 2006 01 24

Jewish matron, apparently unaware of the nature of Eddie, the weaselly faggot, solicits his advice about her adolescent nephew. “What he needs,” Eddie responded,

Is a good stiff cock in the ass.

I wasn’t there. I don’t know how the matron responded. Lev told me the story, and I repeat it strictly to repeat Lev’s comment on the story:

A stiff cock in the ass doesn’t seem to have
Done Him Any Good!

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What person could possibly have asked Eddie for advice? actually solicited it?
I knew Eddie and other similar doper fag Commie artists strictly from the lower East Side, 1964ish, east of Avenue B. The Old Reliable was their hangout.
They knew me strictly from the lower East Side, the Old Reliable, but other people knew me far better from Morningside Heights, from the west Village, from Harlem …
Lev told me the story. I knew the Old Reliable strictly from Lev, an aging Commie drunk sponge on my girlfriend’s kid sister. Ugly as sin, Lev could be very witty: social solecism at the core.
I may not have the full story of why Lev latched onto the Old Reliable and its multiracial bisexual Commie substance abusers, but I’ve sure got part of the story: drunks have even more accidents than other people. Lev was in a wreck. Regardless of how drunk everybody was, Lev expected a court settlement. On that basis, he talked himself into a tab at the Old Reliable: had a place to get smashed, get laid, eat, pass out … all on a tab with no particular due date.
Good. That meant that when I found it convenient to sleep at the pad my girlfriend shared with kid sister I was less likely to walk in and find Lev snoring on the couch I was aimed to crash on, my scotch bottle in his hand.

Bartender: What’ll ya’ have?
Lev: Just wring the bar rag into my glass.

PS Lev was the only Commie I’ve ever heard of who was Commie from the cradle. For him, Marx was fully as conventional as Jesus loves me was for somebody else.

2008 04 23 And boy oh man, now that I’ve been in jail myself do I ever have more stories to tell on “rude advice.”

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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