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Lies We Tell Ourselves & Others

Any family may have its own repertoire of stories. Any of those stories may contain wisdom families not acquainted with that story might benefit from. My family told one I’ll now repeat hoping my visitors too see why we repeated it.

Every Friday evening Papa would sever the steak’s tail and give it to Fritz. “Here, Fritzie. The tail is the best part of the steak.” Mama would join Papa in beaming at Fritz: their “pampered” only child. So, all his life, Fritz had been given the tail of the steak: the best part.

Eventually, Fritz got married. Friday nights his wife would broil the steak. Fritz took the head of the table. Picked up the commanding carving knife, portioned the steak. “Here, Darling. The tail of the steak is the best part.”

Still childless toward middle age, Fritz’s spouse continued to get tail, tail, and only tail. Finally she said, “I do wish you’d let me have at least part of the heart of the steak some of the time.” “But Sweetheart,” Fritz protested, “the tail is the best part.”

“No it isn’t, Sweetness. The tail is the worst part.”

Forget whether a butcher would agree with my diction in the telling: the point is, the guy had been lied to all his life: victimized while being told he was receiving special treatment: and he’d perpetuated the lie into his own marriage.

I also love the length of time his wife went along with it. The difference was: she knew!

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