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I just told Jan a story I heard from my drivers’ ed teacher in high school, 1954 or so. He told of a guy ticked for speeding by a cop with radar. The guy pleaded Not Guilty. He introduced himself to the judge as the engineer who’d led a team developing radar for that app. The engineer pointed out a series of flaws in his citation-issuing officer’s procedure. The cop did it wrong, got a false reading. As told by my driving teacher the judge thanked the physicist, was grateful for the lesson, would see that future cops wouldn’t make those mistakes. Doesn’t sound like any judges I’ve ever seen, but never mind, that’s the story as it was told to me, and as I passed in on over coffee this morning.

Jan told me that her daughter told her about Tampa using automated cameras at intersections: captures the tags of red-light runners, issues tickets, garners a lot of revenue: to the fury of Tampa drivers.

thanx thetrafficticketattorneys

I took the occasion to review a few basic pk points:

  1. I have no quarrel with the truth. I have no quarrel with technology that helps establish the truth.
  2. My quarrel is with kleptocracies taking the chicken path to revenue raising.
    If everyone running a red light is cited, fine by me. But: revenues should never be coerced. If people won’t voluntarily pay for government, then government is illegitimate, the people shouldn’t have anything they won’t voluntarily pay for.
    Futhermore, the municipality has no business ticketing the first N red-runners and not also ticketing the second, third, and tenth N.
    Still, show the driver the photo evidence; then hold out a government begging basket. If donations aren’t adequate to pay for government, then don’t have no damn government: let everyone die at every intersection until there’s no one left to build the cars, repair the roads, let alone drive on the roads.
  3. Any government that raises revenue by fiating some common act to be criminal should be drawn and quartered. Any government that raises revenue by criminalizing a long-established activity — like making book, like distilling whiskey, like prostitution, should be drawn and quartered, the more so if the government then takes over the ancient activity. Any government that criminalizes book-making and then itself monopolizes book-making should be drawn and quartered.

complex, more to come

PS Jan also told me that her daughter’s attitude is The hell with those who don’t like it, if they don’t like the fine, then don’t run the red light. Now: that’s a step toward my anarchism, but a step that doesn’t come close to reaching anarchism. No: just let things have consequences, let everybody die from wrong action, from inadequate action. If the population won’t learn to live freely and responsibly, then don’t have any population. Kleptocracies can’t stand that honesty, because honesty leaves them no leverage for coercion. With honesty the Church wouldn’t be in charge, neither would be the state. Neither would be some phony man-control-masking God.

If consequences were allowed to flow, who would need a government? beyond having the internet, voluntary exchange my Free Learning Exchange [1970] offered.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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