Addicted to Civilization

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@ K. 2004 March

Worrying about capitalism versus communism is like a smoker worrying between whether his cigarettes are rolled by hand or by machine. Worrying about democracy versus dictatorship is like a smoker worrying between regular and king-size, between filtered and unfiltered. Worrying about the United States versus … oh, any damn “enemy”: the Keiser, the Emperor of the Japans, the Soviet Union … is like a smoker worrying between Luckies and Camels. What the smoker needs isn’t a new brand; what the smoker needs isn’t a new style of narcotic-delivery system — what the smoker needs is to quit smoking!

What a human being who would mature needs, a human being who would be free, be natural, is to find some way to shrug off government, to take his chances in the real universe, to get the monkey twin, Dependence & Coercion, off his back.

What the smoker no longer has an option for is never to have smoked at all.

Anarchism — that is, the “state” of “nature” — today or tomorrow might still be too late. Whereas the species human, had it never become “civilized,” and therefore governed in the first place, might have lived on and on: till the biosphere changed and grew inhospitable on its own. Given time, the earth, all by itself, would change: rapidly (hit by a comet) or gradually (eroded, polluted …). But government-addicted man, the kind that bombs mountain people in Laos or Afghanistan, can’t wait for natural processes to make his environment as poisonous as Venus.

People like pk, who keep telling the smoker that smoking is killing her, is thanked pretty much the same as the Puritan at the orgy. He’s thanked with a sneer, a snort, an ugly word, and worse.

My first metaphor for civilization and government as addictions I wrote for my “society” folder before I ever learned the word kleptocracy.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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