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WP Pop

Site Notes / Happy New Year! Word Press, bless them for helping me resurrect my domains after the fed blasted their original forms to smithereens, informs me that my post, Civilized Conditions, from May 2011, was my most popular post … Continue reading

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Caveman Meat

Family / Paleolithic Shrink: Caveman Meat Meet Paleolithic diet: sounds good to me, though I never heard of it till last week. My son’s been on it for a year and has collapsed from a 46″ waist to a 30″! … Continue reading

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Deciduous Mortality

Social Epistemology / Cosmology / Theology / For the hero mortality is deciduous and falls off at maturity. Merry Christmas That line, from a Byron paper I wrote for Leslie Marchand in 1963, NYU, came into my head and onto … Continue reading

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Is That a Fact?

Epistemology / Cosmo / Theo / & Thinking Tools / Reason If: there’s a God (or god, or gods) Then: how can there be a “fact” until it’s been ratified by the God? Let’s vote on the facts. We have … Continue reading

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C Crunch

Chat / This morning I did one hundred belly crunches. First time ever? In 2007 I was exercising and dieting madly, got down to 145 pounds! In my exercise marathons then I don’t doubt that I did one hundred crunches, … Continue reading

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Chat / Favorites / Literature / Al Goldstein just died. The “angry Jew” he proclaimed himself. A fat, disgusting man, a hero: a soldier for freedom, for free speech, even if a disgusting one. He always turned my stomach: a … Continue reading

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A-Pauling Science

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / In the news, the other day, again! Yahoo reports that doctors argue that vitamins are a waste of money! At best! and may do harm … Continue reading

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