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The default mode for humans is daytime. Funny, cause our earliest mammal ancestors were night creatures. Humans like best to look where the light is clearest: that makes hiding things easy: bury it in the dark. It’s a stupid thief though who buries something in the dark under a light that can be switched on at any time. Of course ignorant of tomorrow’s technology, tomorrow’s habits, priorities, no theft is permanently safe.

You know the joke about the guy coming upon another guy searching under a street lamp: Wha’cha looking for, asks the newcomer. I dropped my car keys, says the seeker. The newcomer helps him search for a while, then asks, Are you sure this is where you dropped them? Oh, no; I dropped them over there. Then why are you looking for them over here? The light is so much better.

As with so many jokes, that’s deep. But deeper still is Gregory Bateson’s point that a patient random search of any hay stack will eventually find the missing needle; however infinite ordered searching will never find the thing mis-ordered.

The function of any human archive is two-fold: we can file our property deed so that it can be found; we can misfile the Indian’s deed so it will never be found.

one easy way to misfile
thanx psu

That’s how I posted it at Iona Arc. The rest of my original scribble may (or may not) develop below.

In the biblical story of Lot, Lot’s neighbors didn’t recognize God’s visiting angels. Is that because God knew the people of Sodom would misregister, misperceive, misfile them? Was God giving us a chance? Or was God just giving Lot a chance?

Myths are full of wisdom, but the wisdom is typically muddled. But then wisdom is always macroinformational: it’s not in the data; it’s in the potential information, interpretation remaining open.

The Gospels have their own hints. There’s a sense that the educated have a disadvantage when it comes to wisdom: they’re trained in an agenda: a prescribed mis-sorting: one which will see some things and miss others: miss what’s important.

From an anarchist standpoint, Thoreau is still published: but he’s mislabeled. Spooner got almost entirely buried.

The Gospels hint that Jesus was seen — up to a point; but Christ remains invisible: still does, especially to the educated. Is God hiding Christ from us? knowing we’d be blind. Is God going to show us that our missing glasses were on our forehead the whole time? and then laugh at us?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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