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Paleolithic diet: sounds good to me, though I never heard of it till last week. My son’s been on it for a year and has collapsed from a 46″ waist to a 30″! lost over 100 pounds, in one year! Cheezus.

The linked article declares that the paleolithic diet has been called a “fad diet”. Hmm. How many other fad diets boast sixteen inch waistline loses for one year?

Jan makes fun of my waistline, maybe I’ll try it too. In 2007, in jail, I’d exercised and dieted myself down to 145. As soon as the scale read 145 I raced off for a long drink of water and a Snickers bar, then another, so I didn’t remain at 145 for more than a few minutes. That was alright, I knew I wouldn’t. But I should have slowed the re-inflation once I saw myself going above 150. Maybe I’ll do better this time, especially if Jan joins me mornings on her luxurious studio rug where we lie side by side and stretch our lower backs. I was a bit sore and stiff at the dance last night, so I just stretched this morning, did zero crunches: forty yesterday: 100 one morning last week, 80 or so the following day: after falling to twenty a day, after years of thirty daily: thirty most days, some lapses: too damn many recently.

Brian said that he did his drastic reduction with diet and meditation, very little exercise. Hmm.

Readers at K. will be familiar with pk’s hatred of civilization: and its evil influence on diet and activity, not to mention exploding populations, not to mention loss of natural freedoms. It was from Nigel Calder that I first learned that paleolithic corpses had been robust when alive, and had had good teeth; compared to the malnourished farmers and husbandmen who out-paced the natural men in filling up the earth: substitute humans. I learned about the diseases specifically tailored by and for civilization from Calder and others: bad teeth and shrunken stature only starts the list.


Capital “P”? Nah: there are too many damn pretentious words as is. What? Do we live in the 18th Century? (Another damn cap.) Where they spewed capitalizations! (like German!)

2014 02 06 That, above, was Christmas, New Years; this is February. I have not been on bk’s diet, never said I was: but: I’m still enjoying his recipe smoothies for breakfast more often than not. I’m still eating grains and a little dairy, but less and less. This morning I weighted 152. That’s only a few pounds down, but I feel much trimmer: and other people, people who know nothing about all this, are commenting: “Paul, you look good.” “Paul, you look trim.” And I looked at myself in the mirror a minute ago and I am trim. Oh, there’s plenty of unhealthy fat there, around my middle, but less.

And I just did my 80th crunch of the day. For this month and a half I’ve wanted to do my crunches, wanted to do another twenty, then another. Twenty had been an average I didn’t maintain; now I’d say sixty or eighty is my average: sometimes 100. Furthermore: first I lie on the hard floor and instantly my lower back, my spine, starts to straighten out: hurts, hurts good. Then I want to do jumping jacks, get the spine / pelvis into the right relationship, want to touch my toes, then my knuckles. Soon I’ll be back to placing my palms on the floor after only a second or two of stretching. Then I start my crunch platoons, in tens, twenties …

Meantime, my appetite still reigns part of the time: last night I had a bowl of popcorn and an ice-cream bar. But this morning, 152, not bad. And I had not stuffed myself on the entrée. That’s it, that was my real addiction: I liked to feel stuffed. Once I relied on my fast metabolism to let me get away with it. But that metabolism is now far too normal.

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