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Gun Club Road, FDC Miami, Jesup

I never saw any weapons in an inmate’s hands at Jesup: which doesn’t mean that no inmates had weapons. I did however see lots and lots of things officially contraband. Cigarettes were common. Booze was common.
The cigarettes were the regular commercial brands: Marlboro, for example. I never saw any roll-your-own. A pack (20 cigarettes) I understood to be selling for $150! I heard that $200 was standard lots of places. Guards who don’t get caught can make a fortune.
Understand, the penitentiaries and “satellites” and so forth, the jails for long-term sentences, require “employment”: and provide the “jobs.” The jobs typically pay twenty cents an hour: that’s two or three week’s wages to purchase one cigarette! Several of the companies manufacturing things by 20¢ an hour prison labor were owned by the Bushes. Gee, I never heard that in a campaign speech.

Some inmates are indigent and can purchase nothing from the commissary, and normally can purchase nothing on the black market. Others have endless funds: but those are separate stories. Cigarettes were routinely smoked in the bathroom. The guards make their rounds at regular times. The smokers knew when they could illegally light up and when they had to flush the butts.
There were guys, my roomie Ant among them, who drank every night, all night. There again, you had to stay sober enough to know when the guard was coming.
I have no direct knowledge of arrangements between inmates and guards, but I can imagine. It could easily have been that a guy like Ant paid the guard not to see him drinking.
PS: The drinkers indulged in enormous meals at night, made when there was no line for the unit’s single microwave.

I can well imagine that a lot of guards rationalized their criminality to themselves the more easily due to jealousy of the inmates. Many of the inmates ran lucrative businesses from inside the walls. In Miami, Yogi ran an empire. One of my cellies ran a drug empire: and a 40,000 acre beef ranch in the Dominican Republic. He kept all of his multi-million Miami mansions full of his teenage whores and mistresses. On the other hand there were stiffs who had not one stick of gum, one candy bar, year after year.

The guards at Gun Club Road, Palm Beach, were forever confiscating “contraband.” Understand: what was contraband was up to the BoP, whatever rules or guides the BoP wrote down and published among the guards wa interpreted entirely by the guards. There was no due process, no appeal. “Facts”, if push came to shove, would be whatever the guards said was the case.


It was legal to own a styrofoam cup at Gun Club Road: and the commissary sold styrofoam cups. Only the cups bought from the monopoly were legit. Except that the guards regularly raided the bunks, went through belongings, and confiscated cups. If challenged, and there was no normal way to challenge them, all they had to do was say that it had not been a commissary purchase. The evidence had been removed. For all I know the guards sold the 4¢ cup you’d paid $1 for back to the commissary for 25¢ so the commissary could sell it back to you for another $1.

In Gun Club Road it was no legal to possess a chess set or anything resembling a chess set. But accused wife murderer, Keller, had one: one in perfect condition. Keller you understand was a billionaire: owned the land under the jail that jailed him! Collected rent from the state and the county he paid a pittance of rent to!
Murray had a chess set, a raggedy version, half the pieces made of twisted toilet paper. Murray was no a millionaire, but somehow they left his wretched set be: and Murray, bless him, let some of the rest of us play on his set: provided we gave him a game on the rare occasions he requested one.
If your family mailed you a chess set, it would go to the guards, not to you.

On the other hand, SatLow Jesup made chess sets easy to obtain. The commissary sold very nice ones. Very nice. FDC Miami tolerated several sets; but stole other things from the inmates: other things in addition to time, freedom …

Don’t ever forget: these are the same people who crucified Jesus, who made you go to school, who drafted you into the army … At least they’re indistinguishable from the guys who scourged Jesus, nailed him up: just as they’re indistinguishable from the people who snuffed the Jews and the gypsies in 1933 Berlin, 1944 Poland … They’re the same people who arrested the n-s whenever a road needed to be built, and who told you you had to give up your land to make way for the road. In other words: kleptocrats.
[Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 02 To me a syncopated word is even more offensive than the straight vulgar term.]

The Bushes

I understand that the Bushes owned the company that packaged and distributed the instant coffee I bought from the commissary, three or five times the normal price, a captive market, just like Carnegie type factory “stores”. What made it even more criminal was how the jail confiscates half your stuff every time you’re moved, you having nothing to do with it. It took me weeks to get a penny into my commissary account, and then only by charity from my son. But $75 of any $100 was wasted. I’d order a package of coffee, get moved before it was delivered to me, then never see it, but still be charged for it. Did even the worst, most murderous, rapist, torturing plantation owners pull anything like that on their slaves?

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