Leisure vs. Doing Time

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Doing Time versus Having Leisure

Lots of creatures are alive. Some molecules replicate themselves, have offspring as it were, that we don’t consider to be alive. Man is well knows for thinking highly of himself (and sometimes lowly). We take pride in being civilized. We want to be rich. Why? So others will do things for us: because we can make them, because we can pay them, because they love us … Why? I mean why do we care that they do things for us? So we can have leisure!

Leisure. Free time. Not “nothing to do, mind you”; if having nothing to do were the ideal, achieving the ideal would be as easy as falling out of bed in this society: get arrested, go to jail.

Being jailed in called “doing time.” It’s also called “serving time.” Prisoners serve time to their society. People in the culture are rushed? rush here, rush there! pick up the kids, do the shopping, scrub the floor, play the bridge … call the client, fire the secretary, play golf with the boss … No, no. Prisoners are awakened long before dawn to be served breakfast. Sometimes 3:30 AM, sometimes 4, usually by 5 AM. Gulp the breakfast and get back to your bunk quick, because immediately after the brief breakfast period, it’s once again “lock down.” Lots of guys go back to sleep after breakfast, and sleep till Clear is called.

At the Clear signal inmates may go to the day room, may go to the TV room. In the day room inmates may set up a chess board (if they have access to one), may set up card games. I saw lots of hearts, spades, pinochle … very little bridge: and once: cribbage!

Jail is never comfortable: until you get to a penitentiary and are allowed outdoors: there, depending on the weather, it might be comfortable. That’s beyond the control of the BoP: if they let you out at all.

Jail is never-ending harassment: by morons. In jail, huge proportions of the inmates are mental defectives; but the jail is administered solely by mental defectives. If you had trouble finishing the fourth grade by age sixteen, then a prison guard is a career ideally suited for you. And the warden doesn’t have to be much more capable (though the warden does probably have to have wasted time and tuition at a college (never mind how illiterate the college — so long as it issues state-approved certificates).

I’ll continue this at my leisure. Meantime, get the point: in jail, there’s nothing to do: until you’re assigned to a permanent penitentiary, and then you may have employment: washing dishes, doing laundry …

2014 01 13 Jail’s basic lesson: waste! Everything is wasted: especially you!

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