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Jesup, 1997

I don’t know how to interpret this one either. I’m not sure that it was a compliment; but I’m confident that it wasn’t an outright insult.

I didn’t know the speaker well. He was in charge of the guys working in the kitchen. I’d heard him called a redneck’s redneck. He played basketball, hard, every day: mostly one on one and always against a particular (white) companion (who also worked in the kitchen).
Jesup FSL had its couple of dorm areas, its one dining hall (of two sides, area A, area B), a roofed pavilion with TV sets on high: a dozen four-sided tables sitting pairs all around … This guy would sit under one particular TV. One day when The US Open was on I sat at the table he was already seated at.

“Hey: Tough Guy!” he said. Got up, and left.

What was that about? I have no idea. Except that it may well relate to my guess about “Frank Sinatra”: I’m a twerp of a guy who somehow carries himself among bullies. I did live in Manhattan without ever getting mugged! And I walked, everywhere, at night! (Some of those stories are also here.) I don’t intimidate, but I do confuse. (One time my dog, small, by then old, and blind, did intimidate for me.

That reminds me of the story I heard about the sheep farmer who tried a weird east European sheepdog, at surprising expense. He complained to his neighbor that the dog was useless, he wanted his money back. “How many sheep have you lost to wolves since you got it?”
Funny: none!

The theory was that the dog, which still looked like a new born puppy as it grew to three hundred pounds, confused the wolves. The wolves hunted elsewhere.

2014 01 17 Ooo I just realized, I’ve got a Lot of tough-guy-act-as-defense posts here. I’ll gather a menu another time.

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