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IMG, pronounced Ming. “Infinite-Meta-God”

Remember Douglas Hofstadter? Gödel, Escher, Bach? Where he talks about “god-above-god? Where he says that the stack of “god-above-gods” is infinite? Well, I mean all that, but it ain’t all I mean.

As I so often do I say what I mean, point even if bluntly toward my target, then string elements scrapbook fashion as candidates for mature inclusion. If I never finish the implicit “essay” the semi-sifted ore is still there.

I’ll start illustrating in a minute. Meantime any reader capable of understanding what I’ll say, next minute, next year, next decade is likely well-able to write it himself.

Imagine if you can and one-dimensional god being contemplated by a one-dimensional sentience. She, he, it, the sentience thinks, There must be something more? Where could it be, this something? In a second dimension! (Impossible for them to think let alone talk about.) But we try anyway. 2D philosophers will need a third dimension, and so on.

genital mutilation
thanx purplemotes

Now here we are in the standard three dimensions, add time and you have four, think Kaluza-Klein and you have a dozen, eleven anyway.
Think of the God of standard brand monotheism, the one who tries to kill Moses: the one prevented by Moses’ wife forthwith circumcising her son, a babe in arms: like quick warding off a vampire with a wreath of garlic, a cross, whatever. Now wait for someone to say, No, not a blood god, not a pervert god; a nice god, a god of laws, and covenants: a god who favors me and mine! Bingo. In most such situations you need a meta-god to fit the bill.

GOD: Gravity, O-Point, and Dark Theories
thanx holographicarchetypes

One more such step while we’re at it: a three (or four)-D person thinks, OK, we’ve traded our blood god for a god of laws (who nevertheless loves and favors us): now how about a loving, compassionate, merciful god? (Now, forgive me! not the terrorists.)

OK, those are profound meta-differences. But you could have trivial ones too. I want a god who wears a bowling shirt. with a nose ring!
No, no, no, that’s insulting; we want him to be male! and have blue eyes! and own stock in Facebook.

The wealth goes to whoever gets showered by the finished product, missing me. But I’m not looking for wealth; I’m looking to be Jesus’ brother, god’s great-great-great-great grandson: an igniter, the originator: or, one among the second generation, or third, of originators.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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