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Ferris’s Wheel

/ Movies / Has anyone beside me noticed a rash of Ferris wheels in movies lately? Atonement, for example? thanx steadishots Some of what I’ve noticed I don’t doubt is coincidence. I loved the Wonder Wheel at Cony Island as … Continue reading

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Mother Knows Best / Teaching / Social Survival / Evolution / … & Movies / Harold & Maude is one of the cult movies I recently shared with Jan. Reviewing Ruth Gordon’s amazing late-life career was the principal motivation. We already marveled … Continue reading

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Literal Counter Weapon

/ Macroinformation / Existential Sets / AKA: Orthodox Revenge My humor is sure different in my seventies than it was in my twenties, or in my teens; but there are some uniformities. One oddity of pk’s post-Swift-post-Twain noir-ony is wishing … Continue reading

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Winter’s Prize

/ Movies / What’s with these young prize-winning actresses? I’ve been mad for Saoirse Ronan for a half a year now: caught up on a half-dozen of her movies, have loved and admired all but one. Yesterday a new DVD … Continue reading

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We Go Along — Religulous

/ Favorites / I rented a DVD of Religulous several years ago because I suspected it was high time I found out by direct experience (an image on a tube, eg) who this politically incorrect clown, Bill Maher, was (and … Continue reading

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Go Along

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Survival / Culture / Merrily we roll along … And … Cowardly We go along, Go along, Go along. Cowardly We go along … To get along. … Continue reading

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Dream a Little

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / pk / Dream a little dream of me. Dream a little dream of mean. I’ve loved my dreams, all my life. I love my sleep, my dreams, and my waking. … Continue reading

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