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bk sent me a reference to a 1972 book linking sugar to all sorts of diseases. He asked me if I hadn’t told him something of the sort back in the 1970s. Yes, bk, I did. And I told Ivan Illich — in one of his seminars at CIDOC, Cuernavaca, a dozen Yalie postdocs in attendance: “well” before 1972 (maybe a year, maybe a half year).

I throw together a summary:

PK, I remember you telling me in the 1970s that sugar is a poison.
I repeated that in the 1990s to a med-school student, who denied it.
Was this book something you read back in the 1970s?

bk, like me, usually types us lower case, here he didn’t.

2 I answered

I want to answer before I start reading the balance of your email, 1972 book.

I tried to argue about this with Ivan Illich, in Cuernavaca, during
one of his symposia: but I was a guest, not a tuition payer, I didn’t
feel right speaking up more than one sentence in his class, chock full
of Yale post docs.

1969 or 1970 there had been an article in the NYT citing refined sugar
as a duck whistle for diabetes, alcoholism and a zillion things not to
mention obesity, tooth decay …
I believed it was worth looking into whether or not I fully believed
it, but soon found that people, the economy, the culture didn’t want
it looked into. The NYT thereafter went silent.

Now: Illich was big on the evils of sugar: as a social phenomenon:
slavery in the Caribbean, etc. all very true. Illich was castigating
“Christians, as always, for failing to be Christian: and politics and
economics was his main thrust.

Well, at CIDOC, in his class, me auditing, he gave quick review of his
“hacienda system” shtick, sugar as a political-economic-social evil. I
blurted that that wasn’t the half of it: it was poison, a pied piper
bringing the rats to your door.
but neither Illich nor his class heard it.

so: these forty odd years later I’m happy to hear of this other guy.
think of what society might be like if only communication had been possible.

It could be said that sugar, refined sugar, invented slavery.

I responded further to the line: “what a ruthless and unscrupulous adversary the sugar industry proved to be.”

a managed market pretending to be free, the duped refusing to be
honest to avoid implication.

Did you see Philip Baker Hall as Nixon? where he talks about the 100,
about the Bohemian Grove?

The coalition of owners shifts members but there’s always a coalition
of owners behind all thrones.
Emile was a shill for munitions Interests with his “disarmament”:
reforms are routinely mislabeled, the witch hunters pass themselves as priests.
also very Illich, the crucifiers pretend to be Christians

Now this is delicious, to me:

Oh, please say more about this:

Emile was a shill for munitions Interests with his “disarmament

Emile: I refer to Dr. Emile Benoit, my step-father, bk’s step-maternal grandfather, husband to Hilary’s mother, Etta.

Jules Henry’s Culture Against Man (1963) has details

“economists” were “agreed”: US prosperity depended on military
spending: you want to be affluent, you gotta bomb a lot of gooks.

The US planned, made nukes, then more nukes. armament accelerated
people who want no weapons, no war were buried, no discussion
possible, what else is new
Emile was chairman, lead-inventor, of the committee that said: here’s
what we do, we tout “disarmament”: what we mean is slow the
Don’t make zero new nukes: If we had been making 1, then 2, then 10,
then 15; next year make 29 instead of 30, 55 instead of 75.
Decelerate the acceleration and call it disarmament.

The 3card monte dealer always knows he can shuffle the shells faster
than the mark can follow.
Raymond was a great deceiver, so was Emile.

universities pretend to study things they actually censor consideration of.
and media have never been truthful, why scientists must ignore
human-managed evidence.

Raymond was Emile Benoit’s younger brother. Emile had gone to Harvard for two PhDs, chezuz what a putz. Little Raymond, as much taller than Emile as Ichabod Crane was taller than a pumpkin, competed against big brother by dropping out of highschool, never going to college, but being a sought after mathematics professor: at University Chicago, Princeton, CCNY … (and wrote very funny books, was a great magician, did amazing card tricks, including 3card monte tricks.
He’d trained his hands as a musician, transferred to magic. You knew it had to be a trick because for a climax he’d change the cards being shuffled. You were led to look for the queen of hearts, the other two cards a pair of black deuces: suddenly you had the ace of spades and two red jacks.
Raymond could switch anything in front of anybody: what Emile practiced verbally, with the backing of Columbia University and the White House.)


Thank you. Sounds like when Congress calls it “reducing the debt” when they mean slowing the growth of deficit spending.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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