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I streamed a TV version of Carrie: wouldn’t have rented it: streaming gave me a cheap sample, then I watched it all the way through. There are things I don’t understand: I’ll get a couple out of the way so I can get to my purpose in even mentioning such a piece of tripe.

a great Carrie
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Stephen King’s novel is great: greater than could easily be filmed well. But Brian DePalma had already given it a high budget effort: that DePalma movie is great too, for its own reasons. Why treat it again? That’s easy: they wanted to make money, I presume they did. Movies have to sell tickets, TV movies just have to be sponsored. Here’s a harder question: why change anything? The TV movie was changed at every chance. Did any of the changes add anything to the extraordinary effects of the novel or the DePalma movie? I submit that every change was not only gratuitous but for the worse. Oh, well, I bet King got paid, again.


Then again there was one thing this meretricious dreck was great at, something Hollywood’s been great at repeatedly: the screen is filled throughout with great looking chicks pretending to be in high school!

Candyse McClure
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Mean Girls, Heathers, Carrie the first … Oh, and speaking of black: Clueless

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2015 03 28 Last night I tried to introduce Stephen King to my beloved Jan, via Carrie III, the Chloe Grace Morentz version. It was a crowded evening: first I read her a sample of Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward Angel, then part of scene one of King Lear (the Folio ersion), then the first couple of pages of Carrie, the novel: then we started streaming: by which time I don’t think Jan wanted to see anything: let alone hear what I was trying to explain. Well, now it’s the next morning and I have to try to share what I missed: King’s novel came out in 1974, the dePalma version, 1976. I began writing my novel, Comet, in 1982. Carrie III comes out in 2014. The novel begins with a news item about stones from heaven, then immediately segues to Carrie discovering menstruation as blood running down her leg. Carrie III opens with Mother White giving birth to Carrie, preparing to murder the infant: she didn’t understand that she was pregnant! And Carrie doesn’t understand that her bleeding is normal.

Nobody understands nuttin!

That’s the theme throughout my novel. No body understood my novel, publishers declined to give anybody a chance. Thirty-odd years later I’m not aware of anyone exhibiting awareness of this orchestrated hiatus in human awareness. Now I’m 76 1/2, half deaf, half blind: and too forgot the connection! I watched the White birth with Jan: and I didn’t remember my own novel! or my comments about it, only last October!!!

I see no evidence that the US is aware of having censored me in Feb 2007. And in 2007 the US showed no awareness of … any of its crimes against me: putting me in school, punishing me in school, interrupting me, calling me a liar … sabotaging my work, misrepresenting everything … plagiaring my work while denying credit, withholding understanding: only perversion remaining.

You’d think God would remember getting crucified: I bet he doesn’t.

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