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AKA: Orthodox Revenge

My humor is sure different in my seventies than it was in my twenties, or in my teens; but there are some uniformities. One oddity of pk’s post-Swift-post-Twain noir-ony is wishing death and defeat to my enemies via literal endorsement of their pretended orthodoxies. Once upon a time some of the worst things I could wish on Roman Catholics would be that some of their dogmas were literally true.

2012 02 28 I’d promised to illustrate in the next draft. But: I’d held the certainties of the Roman Catholics in such contempt — in my Protestant certainty … now not only am I not certain, I don’t remember what those certainties were! on either side of the divide! I’ll try though: and revise until it seems right.

I make the same joke these days, and for the last several decades, but the target has drifted. These days I wish that fundamentalists could somehow warp the physical universe so that their ignorant hostility to scientific explanations were literally the case, and would prove utterly toxic to how they live. The evangelist says that Darwin is wrong? that the world is six thousand years old? Then let him say it by megaphone, around the campfire; but not by TV: TV couldn’t work if his version of science had any validity.

What if classical physics were literally true: and what if it were all that were true: there was no quantum universe? Could the classical universe exist if the quantum universe didn’t first exist? (or come into existence?)

This ain’t easy to say, not in a first draft, not as my poor brain ages, and stumbles. Ah, but the second, or third draft may yet become masterful.

From another, informational, angle: Pleroma is the physical universe. It’s what it is, it’s unutterable. Semiotics doesn’t apply, there’s no saying it, no writing it. Gravity is gravity, is gravity, it doesn’t matter what the sentience believes is the case, the case is the case. It doesn’t matter what the person says, trying to get elected, to get in the girl’s sweecoo, lying like a rug, maximizing self in his society. The text of Genesis exists in Pleroma, but only as ink on paper, as scratching on a stone. The letters, the sounds, the words of Genesis exist only in Sentiens. Manipulating the sentience of one’s fellows exists only in Persona.

There are no lies in Pleroma, no stories, no interpretations: no theories. In Sentiens there’s no reality; only maps of reality. And in Persona there’s no objectivity: or little objectivity. What there is is jostling.

Next session I’ll develop the joke that we should be held responsible for our beliefs by the actual universe! As it is, Pleroma doesn’t seem to care what we believe, what we think, what we say.

In other words: I’m wishing God back into the picture! ? What I’m really wishing is that thought, especially politically and culturally guided thought, were responsible for itself.

I’m wishing for a Pleroma which is related to Sentiens. And Persona.

At the same time I don’t doubt that it is better exactly as it is, this is the best of all possible worlds.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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