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Has anyone beside me noticed a rash of Ferris wheels in movies lately? Atonement, for example?

thanx steadishots

Some of what I’ve noticed I don’t doubt is coincidence. I loved the Wonder Wheel at Cony Island as a kid. Ferris and his wheel was a significant part of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America, 2003. But suddenly, just in the last few days I’m stumbling over Ferris wheels no matter where I turn: Joe Wright puts a Ferris wheel in his Dunkirk in Atonement, shown above: good, a great scene from any standpoint. But then a Ferris Wheel appeared on the Thames in 2000s Dr. Who episode?! Then today I encountered a Ferris Wheel in Bettany Hughes’s marvelous documentary on Alexandria!? And explain this: a Ferris Wheel (or a highly stylized “sun” on the horizon) shows up in a documentary on Monarchy, eleventh century politics (the words “standoff” and “Glouster” are on the screen).
2014 03 13 Another Dr. Who episode!
The 14th: Another episode of Monarchy: Edward III, a Ferris wheel on the Thames.

2014 02 27 I’m noticing another cluster of movie duplications: I’d already commented on The Way Back showing a starving girl following a group of near-starving men escaping from a Soviet gulak, all of them freezing; Korkoro shows a group of bare-subsistence gypsies fleeing Nazis in southern France and being themselves shadowed by a starving blue-eyed boy. 2010, 2009. Everybody copies everybody.

Awrite, 2014 03 17 Now I see a major Ferris wheel in the soon to be released Divergent. I’ve hit on something real.
2014 07 29 Now I notice a poster for a movie called Sharknado: sure enough, sea spouts are drenching sharks onto a Ferris wheel!

2014 09 13 I just spotted a lithograph from 1857 that depicts a wooden fair wheel ride. Ferris made one of steel but he was engineering something already familiar from the wood ages.

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