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Daniel in the Blackfish Den

/ Scholarship / Bible / Streaming is wonderful. I just watched a movie on the Book of Daniel, tears sprang from my eyes as Daniel is delivered, by divine miracle, of course, from the lions’ den. Boohoo, how wonderful: so … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Authority / Stories / Hierarchy vs Conviviality / School / Junior High Water Pistols When I was in the seventh or eighth grade water pistols suddenly became the rage among boys my age. One day I had never heard of … Continue reading

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Colby Stories / Stories / Hierarchy vs Conviviality / School / Teaching / College stories are of course still school stories. What brings me here today is a story (series of) from when I was teaching, not attending, college. Smart Girls: … Continue reading

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Musician Jokes

/ Personal / Chat / Jokes / 1956, 1957 a college friend seemed to have an endless supply of shaggy dog musician jokes. Guy’s a musician, bass, loves jazz, but is reliable, can read: also likes to eat, which is … Continue reading

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Jazz Def / Stories / Hierarchy vs Conviviality / Army / In basic training, Fort Dix, NJ, we’re awakened before dawn, dumped into the chill autumn yard, not allowed to don the clothing we’ve been issued unless it’s part of the … Continue reading

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My Fair Kleptocracy / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Civilization / Kleptocracy / Albert Barnes amassed an incredible collection of post-Impressionist art. He founded a trust, trained his own trustees, willed that his arrangements of the works be preserved as … Continue reading

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Mother Memories

/ Stories / Themes / Family / Mother Memories pk Scrapbook on his mother — Norma Knatz with a Mother Norma links menu coming Boyhood’s End Love. That’s what moms are for, right? That’s where their genius lies: billions of … Continue reading

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