Clint’s Clyde

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Primate Combat

I just awoke from a weird dream in which I was one of a pair of men living in a rural wood, each of us keeping a pet female ape. The dream wasn’t species-specific. The apes seemed to be larger than chimps, even larger than female orangutans, but smaller than gorillas.
I just checked some online pics, and mine was definitely furred like an orangutan: but in the dream I was just thinking of her as an ape.

Fine. Now here’s what was weird: my neighbor tells me that the state is paying us $100 for the fight. What fight, I ask. “Tonight,” he answers. “She fights. You fight. Except that you’re gonna get $100 for her fight. I’m going to start warming up for mine soon: do some stretches.”

I’m sixty-seven, and I have to fight? She gets paid, but I don’t? Who am I fighting?

Somehow in the dream I understood that my ape would be fighting another ape, also female. I would be fighting another man.
I got up to start stretching, maybe throw in a couple of pushups, and wandered in the direction of my ape’s tree. Apparently I didn’t spend much time with her: she was just always there: silent, and very strong. Now we’d bond a bit.

I awoke with an erection. (Where have they been lately?) What kind of bonding did I have in mind?
A cup of coffee later, I don’t understand this dream at all. It seemed so specific in some things, so vague in others. How come I wasn’t scared of the fight? How come I didn’t protest? find excuses? Had my neighbor told his ape she’d have to fight? How could I not have known?
What kind of a fight?

Do you remember the Clint Eastwood movies where he’s a fighter with an orangutan? Clint calls him Clyde, refers to him as a male. Except that that ape was an actress, not an actor. A male orangutan might have torn Clint to pieces. They used a female, trusting the audience not to notice: or not to care. The females are MUCH smaller. Still plenty strong though.

Every Which Way But Loose
thanx flicks

What now seems clear to me, mid-way through a second cup of coffee, is that the dream was deadly accurate: my neighbor and I were exhibits in a zoo, kept as pets by the state. We had no say in what we were made to do. As the human in my pair, I got a tip for my female’s services, dangers, etc. We were both captive, but she was additionally enslaved. The state distinguished between its domesticated, male humans and its domesticated orangutans.

2014 03 11 And a year after having that dream I was arrested, put in a cage, with other ape- humans, critters. There were fights, though not so many among us old men: the gladiator dorms for the young ones were perpetual fights.

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