Walk on Water

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Recent: The phone wakes me from a dream and I realize that my dreaming mind had been certain that I could explain — rationally — how to walk on water: or at least to explain how Jesus might have done it.

Too late to prove one way or the other as I was ripped from the perception just as it was promising to crystalize. But I think I retain something of where it was going: it had to do with Macroinformation out of tensegrity by way of my infocule concept.

Let me guess: A sentience which understood the possibilities of tension in structures might govern the interface of the molecules of his feet with the molecules of the water via macroinformational infocules.

Really? I don’t think so. But then I never did really heard what the dream was about to tell me.

I guess further that it had something to do with making the liquid water behave like ice while making the foot behave like a boat: at once remaining small enough — mini-snow shoes — not to trip the other foot. This is done understand internally: macro-molecularly; not prosthetically. Anyone could don little boats for shoes, but could we then walk with them? Of course the leg muscles too would have to be retrained: as for skiing. Much of that though could be done mentally in advance, anticipating the unfamiliar forces, maintaining the relative positions of the legs to prevent splitting or skidding.

As it is, it’s so much Captain Shotover (Heartbreak House), dreaming of attaining the seventh level of concentration.

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