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Alzheimer’s Encore

/ Stories / By Age / Old / Infinity Failure Yahoo games section offers a daily Sudoku puzzle, new one fresh every midnight. I now see the truth of something I’d previously merely speculated about: I can finish the puzzle, … Continue reading

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Reggae Islands

/ Stories / Themes / Music / Streaming a biopic movie on Bob Marley has me hypnotized. I knew calypso music in the middle 1950s. By the later 1950s I knew a trio of guys from Trinidad who would mesmerize … Continue reading

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Unfair Fascists

/ Favorites / Jan and I watched the first quarter or so of a documentary called Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. I ordered the DVD from Netflix, I wanted to see it, I wanted her to see it. … Continue reading

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Motown ExNihilo

/ Favorites / Music / R&B Aristocrats Ex Nihilo: Social Graces Berry Mandatory Michael Jackson had made his hits, recorded his videos before I ever heard of him. That’s how history happens, before anyone is paying attention. Benny Goodman was … Continue reading

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Carpal Cripple Syndrome

/ Site Notes / A sprained wrist, for my good right hand, is pulling the rug from under my productivity. So sorry. If I had, if I’d ever had, a budget for my work, an injury might make me limp … Continue reading

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Bible Scrapbook

/ Scholarship / Bible / scrapbook, some just scribble If all the bibles in the world were put in one room, how big would the room have to be? Oh, I don’t mean all copies of one edition; I mean … Continue reading

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Kipling Marketplace

/ Favorites / Art / Literature / Rudyard Kipling tumbled about in my personal estimation (in unwitting mimicry of world opinion) before I’d read enough Kipling to warrant any opinion at all. Even when I thought I qualified for opinion … Continue reading

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Pot Law

/ Law / Driving up to Sugarloaf for a Saturday’s skiing in 1968 I had three skier-students hitching along. I was pleased to believe at first that their freedom of conversation before me meant that they recognized me as a … Continue reading

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Modest Kent State

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Writing / Satire / pk’s letters to the president were mostly of the Swift-Modest-Proposal type of irony (which I got from Twain more than from Swift. Kent State and the … Continue reading

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Nevsky the Rus

/ History / The word “history” is ambiguous in a way seldom worried about: do we mean “what happened”? what actually happened? that is, “facts”? Or do we mean “what we say happened”? humans notoriously poor record keepers where politics, … Continue reading

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