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In school we read about inventors, innovators, who are fabulously rewarded: Carnegie, Edison; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. On Sunday we’re told about a divine messenger with a vivid statement about money-changing tables. His reward was to get scourged, and crucified.
At university we’re told about Galileo building a telescope, looking through it, seeing moons around Jupiter: his reward was to be threatened with torture.

Jupiter's moons
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Isn’t that wonderful? the Church used Galileo’s tide charts, the most accurate ever (thanks to his powers of observation) (coupled with his mental processing): the Church made “millions, billions”; but when it came to basic cosmology, the Church didn’t allow God the freedom to have made moons around Jupiter! no, God was allowed only to have made a conservative universe: that is, one paced by the tortoise intellect of humans (in institutions run by (and for) the conservative mercantilests: the keepers of the money-tables.

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I remember arguments from the early 1960s: there were those who thought that a fair-minded state should lead a people with bad social habits, sluggish in regard to change, in desegregation. There were others who thought that President Johnson was out of his mind: a white man! trying to tell other white men! how to treat n… um, well, non-whites. I remember some saying that progress would take place slowly, if at all. I remember some rendering such verbiage somewhat differently: progress should take place only gradually. I was one of those aghast that “could” and “should” could get confused, one palmed for the other. (Though basically I thought, then and now, that the state, tied at the neck to some “president”, should take a flying leap into the ocean: never to resurface.)
(I didn’t and don’t trust human beings to progress, or to have a right opinion about anything for two consecutive seconds.)

I thought (and think) that segregation was wrong, very wrong; but not nearly as wrong as having a state with a position on the subject. I hate racism; but I hate it second: first and always, I hate government. (And never forget that I’m the guy who offered a social mechanism by which something could have been done about it: an unsupervised anarchist democracy: cybernetic data-basing, no coercion, no licenses.)
(What was my reward? Read around here: I’ll die long before I can so much as list my testimonies, indictments … sabotage: a garden variety: continuing.)
But, hooking up with the above: white social morality (politics, economics …) had a governor built in, a constrictor of the carberator: it was only permitted to go so fast: that is, very very slow. Nature can unseat an old king in a second; but kleptocracies will never allow honest processes nor keep honest records.
I rely on resurrection so a Judgment can show man showing his records — We’re the Christians; then God showing His records: You’re the kleptocrats, the Christ-killers: evolution’s saboteurs.

this is important, i put it up, then improve and expand it
2014 04 10 I started babbling this a couple of days ago, expecting to merge old points with new; but of course it never went where I’d meant to head. Today I try to say the same thing from another angle in a post I’ll call Label Toss.

2014 11 16 Just watching another one of these dreary PBS astronomy shows, this one just mentioned Giordano Bruno. I habitually refer to Abelard, Galileo, Darwin … Freud. But Bruno belongs in any such list as well as almost any other. Scrap my examples and use your own: so long as they really do represent the same human stagnancy of learning, the same willingness of this year’s temple to murder this year’s Jesus. Watch out for institutions that pretend that they know better and do better. Watch out for institutions supervised by states. Watch out for “science” where it’s sponsored by government, by corporations. Listen to Monsanto but don’t trust it to tell you what nature’s importance or lack of importance is. Don’t trust the roulette table where the cash goes into the croupier’s pocket.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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