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My Mislabeling post (1997) carried this ball for a while, linking to dozens of other theme developers. (This extension was simmering as I slept this morning.)
I see that this draft fails to make my title intelligible, i’ll be clearer sooner next time
first though: how do “scientists” “date” things?
(and never forget: “scientists” are merely the scientists the priests didn’t tar and feather! humans will always have sabotaged, crucified, the god before the saints are elected.)

A couple and a half thousand years ago the Jews told themselves that their god, the creator god, the one with the capital-God, made the world a few thousand years before that: the c. 4.6 billion year old earth system was magically brought into existence about 4,000 BC. That’s fine: whoever said humans had to be right about anything? (other than about how much wheat was in the barn: stored food counts as essential: truthfulness isn’t: truthfulness isn’t even an option.) A couple of thousand years ago a curious scotsman or two found marine fossils atop their mountains. “Ah, sure: Noah’s flood”, said some Christian version of Jewish know-it-alls.

I was just sketching, very roughly, my answer to Jan’s question of how we can say that something we find is “fifty-five million years old”: or that life on earth took a big hit “two hundred and fifty million years” ago. (2014 11 16 Have i don’t it yet? I’ll try to check: carbon dating, tree ring dating: important, not intuitive, more than one method, ideally a symphony of methods should harmonize, reinforce each other.

Somebody else on the weather side of Columbus looked at the maps we were making of the earth and thought, “Gee, South America looks like it was ripped out of the side of Africa!” These people said these things in a low voice unless they wanted to be tarred and feathered. Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo get statues made of them eventually, get their name murmured by today’s version of the same people who double crossed (the possibility of) reason those centuries ago. The know-it-alls refused to contemplate living in a world where mountains were the sea turned upside down, or major land masses corresponded to the virgin’s confession dress ripped off her.

I say that the same people who scourged Jesus or threatened Galileo, burned Bruno, and then sabotaged Darwin are barely distinguishable from their descendants who defrocked Illich and refused to understand or to repeat accurately a single thing said, written, or done by yours truly, pk.

One thing about the public: no matter how they’re been lied to, they’ll always believe that the new administration is now going to be truthful, honest, honorable, intelligent. The reason for this is simple: the people will swallow any story so long as they are allied with the heroes: grandpa was a racist, but I am liberal: grandpa was a meat head, but I’ve learned better: the Jews murdered Jesus (and the Christians murdered Hypatia), but I would never do anything wrong. (Neither knowingly, nor non-knowingly!)

Well: Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin speculated on evolution, Darwin’s predecessors found fossils in the wrong places, speculated that opposite sides of the earth had once joined … Darwin himself sailed to South America, was innocently collecting biological samples when … the earth turned upside down. He was in a small earthquake. That was not an everyday occurrence for geophysically stable Englishmen: scarred the bejesus out of Darwin (a Church of England candidate for the clergy you must realize). Darwin had heard of this and that, now Darwin felt himself helpless among monster forces: forces in which the creator god too may have been helpless. Bazoom: Origin of Species, 1859.

No, no, pk: that doesn’t explain how we can date this or that die-off.
I know: but those are necessary steps. Now we can bring in Mme Curie: fooling with pitchblend, she refined a lump of something. Fine, she put it on the table in the lab. Returning in the dark, she was about to light a lamp, when she saw something glowing.
What? What could be glowing? Were there glowworms in her lab? She picked it up, stripping away who knows how many decades of her life expectancy, history’s first radioactive (her word) material irradiating Eve’s daughter without her knowing a thing.
Well, she thought about it, colleagues thought about it, those who sabotaged Galileo got outfoxed, temporarily, for a change: atomic theory emerged.

See, the Jew’s God had made a young world, made it perfect, made it complete. But Mme Curie was finding an old world, with dinosaurs, and matter which could decay. There’s a big difference between King David and his Lord his Shepherd and Darwin upside down in Chile with matter that kills everything around it while evaporating!
The theories by which isotopes could be measured and counted, the difference between this and that carbon compared, the difference between this and that uranium and ordinary stable dead lead …
2014 11 16 I recently read about radium’s famous glow, that article argued that it wasn’t the radium that was glowing: impurities, oils were glowing in the presence of the radium: “pure” radium would not have glowed (but would have killed Mme or anyone else present just as sure).

pk, you nincompoop, what does this have to do with labels, either tossing or sitting still?
ah, bak in a sec, gotta take a break: meantime, speculate on where we’re going next.

source scribble:
label toss, inst control kleptocracies’ mislabelings. continental drift ripped SA away from Africa, finally somebody notices, gets tarred and feathered, then somebody else says he was right … labels are stable or unstable, like geography, like biology, but in kleptocracies, the only cultures with the labeling machinery, some Boss Tweed (keep counting) controls the mechanisms: till there’s a change of administration … when does god take over? does truth ever matter? Yes, but only in Pleroma, Creatura; seldom in Sentiens, Persona.

I spilled this before you half a year ago, back today for an unrelated reason I see that I never did clarify the title, and now maybe I can’t: but I bet I was going to include Raymond Smullian’s logic puzzle where the jars of coins, dimes, nickels, mixed are all mislabelled. One can use logic to sort three lies, but can we deal with dozens of mislabelings?
If everything is mislabeled you can know that the label is wrong; but can you know what a correct label would say?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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