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If all the bibles in the world were put in one room, how big would the room have to be?
Oh, I don’t mean all copies of one edition; I mean all distinct editions: bibles with different component books: like the Jew’s bible compared to a Christian bible: then the Greek NT as distinct from the Latin NT: then the many various translations of this that and the other bible: King James translation isn’t the same as Luther’s translation. …. finally we come to textual differences where a difference of word may be significant. it’s gotta be a damn big room.

Actually there should be a separate room just for Wycliffe, and Langland … and King James’ crew …

Resurrected Jesus

God sent Jesus to the world. He attacked the money tables in the Temple, the kings, the rabbis, the cops, the thugs, tortured and killed him: for us. Three days later Mary visits the sepulcrhe, it’s empty, Jesus is gone. Then Jesus appears before this and that disiple. and there are jillions of stories since then that Jesus has further appeared before him, her, you, me …

The story says that he descended into hell, then ascended into heaven. … I wanna know: how many times has he come back since? When he’s here does he carry pocket change? in what currencies? a credit card?
Coins? Coins are mentioned in the NT, John eg: coins were unusual: are we supposed to notice that? to what implications?

Was he at the Kentucky Derby the other Saturday? Did he bring some of those ladies with the hats?

Kentucky Derby hats
thanx forbes

Did he bring her? Or did she bring him? Was he still in the robe the centurions gambled for? Was he in the infield? the clubhouse? It rained like hell this year: did he get caught in the rain? I bet Jesus is used to getting caught in the rain. Infield tickets were $1,000 per. Did he pay cash? Maybe he bought the tickets two thousand years ago when they were cheap. Regardless, Jesus must be well used to freeloading. Of course figured one way, he has never freeloaded, we’re the freeloaders: if God created everything, and God owns everything, and Jesus is God’s single son and heir, or some would even say co-ruler, co-owner … there can’t be anything that he owes anything on. But one of the things in the universe I’m most looking forward to is Donald Trump presenting a bill to Jesus and Jesus recalculating and presenting the corrected bill to Donald Trump.

PS The dog returns to his scribble.
I’ve seen movies where souls ascend to heaven on like-escalators. I’ve seen movies where Satan comes and goes via elevator. God could do the same, if he wanted, couldn’t he? And how the elevator, or escalator is decorated, in hell-fire or fleecy clouds would be up to God: wouldn’t it? Or do we have everything wrong? In any altogether different context I was just looking up trebuchets: maybe Jesus could come and go by having angels load him into a big trebuchet and sort of lobbing him over.

But there’s one thing I bet is not the case: I bet Jesus doesn’t go from heaven to earth, or hell, and back, or not, by bald damn miracle: not traveling to earth at all but miracling in on earth1 or earthn, or earthx. For all I know, or you know, it might be simpler.

If it’s all miracle anyway, why not?

John’s Gospel Notes
I watched a dramatization of John from Netflix. There are several things I want to note:

  • John emphasizes man as descended from the Devil, evil in origin, therefore the more in need of “saving”
  • The Jesus of John is forever prefixing his comments with “I am telling you the truth”.
  • The narrator says A, B, C was done to fullfill the scripture, existence as cheating for an agenda
  • John favors stories that supposedly illustrate faith or its lack. A couple of times God seems to be setting people up, sabotage. Talk about predestination.

    Jesus is always speaking metaphorically, in parables, etc. The narrator is always commenting that this is so that the damned will not be saved: God wants the damned to get bad advice, then they’ll be damned … Hey, I thought they were already damned? Show that civilization’s fair chances are not fair at all, never have been, the kleptocrats don’t want fairness.

    “Fair trials” an oxymoron anyway, were never supposed to be actually fair. Civilization the cheater.

    Notice how very Jewish the gospels are: to whit, John has Pilate repeat that he finds no fault in Jesus. Pilat turns Jesus over to the Jewish priests. The Romans crucified, the Jews didn’t. The Romans crucified: for infractions of Jewish law; not for infractions of Roman law, or Buhdist law, or Hintu law, or Republican law … why would Pilat put his career at risk to please the torture lust of some Jews? Only if the Jews are telling the story!!! But why would the Jews want to violate their own laws in the first place? Something’s more than a little funny here.
    I know: Donald Trump must have been there!


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    Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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