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Pot Law

/ Law / Driving up to Sugarloaf for a Saturday’s skiing in 1968 I had three skier-students hitching along. I was pleased to believe at first that their freedom of conversation before me meant that they recognized me as a … Continue reading

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Modest Kent State

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Writing / Satire / pk’s letters to the president were mostly of the Swift-Modest-Proposal type of irony (which I got from Twain more than from Swift. Kent State and the … Continue reading

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Nevsky the Rus

/ History / The word “history” is ambiguous in a way seldom worried about: do we mean “what happened”? what actually happened? that is, “facts”? Or do we mean “what we say happened”? humans notoriously poor record keepers where politics, … Continue reading

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FitzRace War / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Reality / Early on in the Robert Redford version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby the rich are sitting around Tom Buchanan’s mansion in West Egg. F. Scott Fitzgerald & … Continue reading

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Label Toss

/ Semiotics / My Mislabeling post (1997) carried this ball for a while, linking to dozens of other theme developers. (This extension was simmering as I slept this morning.) I see that this draft fails to make my title intelligible, … Continue reading

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Movie Posters

/ Movies / Movies are a visual medium, right? We look at them. A movie can tell a story; or not: use words; or leave out words: can have a sound track, use music: old music, new music; but there’s … Continue reading

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Allowable Epistemology

/ Teaching / Society (& Its Pathologies) / Social Epistemology / In school we read about inventors, innovators, who are fabulously rewarded: Carnegie, Edison; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. On Sunday we’re told about a divine messenger with a vivid statement … Continue reading

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