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Transcendent Faulkner

/ Chat / Favorites / Art / Literature / Family Read-Aloud / Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders. That’s Faulkner. Is that transcendent prose, or what? That’s Light in August, Chapter 6, … Continue reading

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Madison Demographics

/ Culture / Poor as I am I have a drawer full of underwear: at least a dozen briefs: all too small for me because for decades I’ve steadily refused to admit that my waist size has not been thirty-two … Continue reading

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Chosen Ancestors

/ Social Order / DeCentral / Cybernetics / The thing about being free is you’re free to write your own history: and once you can write your own history then you can choose your own ancestors. Once you get to … Continue reading

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K. Daily

I scribble notes into a Scribble Bibble post: now I’ll think I’ll also launch a daily scrapbook, a holding pen for possible posts. No, I made a Monthly bin for that, will merge. Escheat Yesterday Jan was reading the fine … Continue reading

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Patent Pirates

/ Movies / High Seas Hollywood I commend Mark Cousins’ The Story of Film: An Odyssey. I’m still in my first viewing of it, I expect I’ll watch it repeatedly for whatever remains of my life. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Dose of Dickens

/ Literature / Little Dorrit is one of the Dickens novels I have not read. Jan and I just tried acquainting ourselves with it a bit via the Masterpiece Theater version: that franchise slinging dreck as much as pitching masterpieces, … Continue reading

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domain lapse

bk Marcus, my son, Brian Knatz, gave me the domain decades ago. That is, he told me he was, but never in fact transferred the title. That is, he bought it, he said he was giving it to me, … Continue reading

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Aretha Queen

/ Favorites / Art / Music / Respect thanx brooklynvegan A chord: the briefest, most minimal spacing of the elements of the chord: two sided: statement, gound, foundation (like “call”); then response (answer): harmony coexisting as melody … Then a … Continue reading

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Magic Murder

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society & Its Pathologies / Social Epistemology / Sentience & Semiotics / The audience watches Macbeth make up his (and Lady Macbeth’s) mind to push fate along by … Continue reading

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Great Garble

/ Thinking Tools / Information / Jan and I dance at the Legion, music is provided by “karaoke” performers: digital music with live accompaniment: some are just DJs who sing, some are singers who also play an instrument or two: … Continue reading

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