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Crom Arnold

/ Movies / Last evening I introduced Conan (and Arnold Schwarzenegger) to Jan, trying to explain to this twentieth-century woman about comics, cartoons, and movies: twentieth-century boys had comix in their blood, twentieth-century girls typically did not: automatic disapproval, defenses … Continue reading

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Celebrities I Don’t Know

/ Chat / I’ve blabbed a few stories involving contact with people who may have later become famous; maybe not, maybe I met somebody who would later remind me of some celebrity. I may have once skied with a teen … Continue reading

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Trash Wars

Waste Mismanagement: Space Junk My army buddy Phil wrote a story he called Trash Wars: earthlings worry about trash disposal, landfills are filling up: some clown proposes sending our trash into space: we do; extraterrestrials retaliate: they send our trash … Continue reading

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/ Movies / Carrying over from Independence Day: Prepostrophy: new handle for an old (set of) genre(s): I don’t think John of the Apocalypse worried too much about realism, not too many people who bank on blockbusters do either. Independence … Continue reading

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Who Owns What?

/ Property / Whoops, my mistake. I just scribbled something, forget that I already had a post on a similar subject with the identical title. So, I read this one into that one. Property Menu

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Immortal Propaganda

/ Movies / I love music, books, lots of things: but it’s easier still to write about movies! ‘Cause the web is filled with images! (easily, if not always ethically, borrowed.) (Though why should I care about ethics when it’s … Continue reading

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Betting on Job

/ Cosmology / Theology / this didn’t come out the way I wanted, i’ll fix it I’ve always loved the idea of God betting with Satan on Job’s loyalty. I’ve commented on the concept at K. for decades. K. got … Continue reading

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Fictional Grace

/ Movies / The 2006 film Amazing Grace tells the story of William Wilberforce’ battle against the slave trade, and tells it very damn well, thank you Michael Apted and cast: wonderfully professional in every detail. thanx lahiguera Hope, Not … Continue reading

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/ Favorites / Art / I just saw Roger Moore as 007 for the first time: Live and Let Die: what a loathsome title. Then again in the 1960s I loathed everything about the Ian Fleming / Hollywood franchise: the … Continue reading

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