Betting on Job

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I’ve always loved the idea of God betting with Satan on Job’s loyalty. I’ve commented on the concept at K. for decades. K. got the kibosh, I’m trying my damnedest to rebuild … Magical Misdirection is an example. I throw up a new angle here …

I am staggered by the arrogance of the assumptions made by monotheists: your typical Jew (like your typical Christian) believes that the Temple, the Church, some other church … is privy to God’s thoughts, judgments, intentions … Metaphors are fine so long as we take them with a grain of salt, understand their nature, understand at least part of the limitations of our imaginative processing.

William Blake
thanx themaindamie

The typical Christian’s belief begins and ends with the Church: we imagine the Church judging us: without noticing that no identity has been (or could be) proved between God and Church. If we’re talking about God’s judgment we shouldn’t confuse judgments by any Church. Is the Pope responsible to God? or is God responsible to the Pope?
Can a stupid illiterate interpretation of the Bible trump an informed reading?

Let’s accept for a moment the unlikelihood of our having a ringside seat for a conversation between God and Satan: or, let’s imagine a wager between Zeus and Chronos (or Zeus and Hera). Imagine: Achilles and Hector are fighting: Zeus is watching. There we are, kibitzing. Is it our business to understand what the bet is? Can we step forward to supervise the bet? without knowing what it is?

Nathan Detroit wants to bet Sky Masterson on how much cheesecake was sold that day. Sky smells a fix, offers to bet instead that Nathan can’t say what color tie he’s himself wearing. Polkadots, Sky keeps his money: for the moment.
But with human kibitzers there’s always interference, inappropriate supervision. The humans, not understanding a word of ancient divine Greek (or Hebrew) will insist that the bet Zeus makes is on whether Achilles wins the fight: but what if Zeus bets Chronos that Hector’s cut above Achilles elbow is two pinky spans above the elbow, not one? How is it our business? or competence?

Humans forge the Bible, then offer it as an authority. Once the human cheaters have inserted themselves then Zeus will never again get a word in edgewise, nor will God, nor will intelligence.

Later on I’ll plug this into the correct from-back-when context.

Time? Chaos, Saturn, any damn ancient god.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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