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Appointment Doctor

/ Culture / How many meanings does the word “appointment” have? How many meanings did “appointment” have ten years ago? The meaning has diluted drastically in my life time, has it not. Once upon a time it meant you had … Continue reading

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Prayer for Salem

/ Justice / The nun prays for forgiveness, the general prays for victory, the little girl prays for a pony. I pray for God’s judgment. But I want it to be God’s judgment: I want to see and hear God … Continue reading

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On Your Marx

/ Kleptocracy / Kleptocratic Theology: Rightful Dominance Rationals I want to repeat an often-made pk-point so I can add a newer pk-point in context: Monotheists invented a creator god so they could imagine the cosmos, imagine existence, as property: property … Continue reading

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Lawyers Errant

/ Semiotics / Chivalric Role We live in a mythological soup, movies stir the stew powerfully. Last night Jan and I watched Anatomy of a Murder, Jimmy Stewart defends Ben Gazzara from George C. Scott, while Lee Remick poses. Stewart … Continue reading

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/ Site Notes / Double Jointed Sprain Throughout this July, now the 20th, I and my writing have been handicapped by a non-funtioning right thumb. My diagnosis at the onset, coming on last June, was that I’d played too many … Continue reading

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Sustainable Sin

/ Social Survival / Culture / To sin and be forgiven Faulkner’s Light in August opens with a pregnant woman walking: it closes with her walking, the child in her arms, a man not the child’s father tagging after. Sandwiched … Continue reading

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Gentleman Jew

/ Literature / George Eliot: Daniel Deronda As of the last two days George Eliot is one of my favorite English novelists, Daniel Deronda one of my favorite English novels: as experienced through the TV version. The story begins with … Continue reading

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World Cup Budget

DeCentralize / Deschool / just a note, sore thumb, will develop: Brazil spent god knows how much on its soccer stadium: lots of excitement, lots of media/web coverage, neat, how exciting. But: I’m a disciple of Ivan Illich. Ivan Illich … Continue reading

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Supine Tennis Victor

/ Games, Sport / Guy wins the tennis tournament, he flops down on his back. Where did that ever come from? Victors used to be the ones who were erect: it was the vanquished who fell. Borg/Mac, Wimbledon, 1980 thanx … Continue reading

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