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Guy wins the tennis tournament, he flops down on his back. Where did that ever come from? Victors used to be the ones who were erect: it was the vanquished who fell.

Borg on his knees over Mac
Borg/Mac, Wimbledon, 1980
thanx dailymail

First Borg went to his knees, as in prayer: prayer of thanks; then he fell on his back.

Once upon a time you knew who was the conqueror and who the conquered by who was dead and who was still holding his weapon. At the end of an Ali Frazier fight both men were ready to fall down, but it was Joltin’ Joe’s corner that threw in the towel first: had they waited another few seconds Ali was about to announce that he couldn’t answer the bell. At the end of the typical classic fight though one guy was punched helpless if not out cold; the guy who was at least on his knees was due the prize (and the all-important bettors had to be paid off) (the bookies taking home plenty for themselves).

The royal sport of tennis climaxed when one player hung his head: his victor jumped over the net to shake his hand.

tennis net jump
thanx pinimg

my thumb is sprained, carpal tunnel: i’ll fill in here when less handicapped

Kvitova on back
Kvitova after Bouchard, 2014 07 05

It’s so wonderful to see the demi-divine Fed still in it: play well against the great Djoke. It’s Fed whose shown us more flops on his back than anyone else: showing not just time, but history.

Jack Reacher

thanx nymag

Tom Cruise posed as “standing”: by other actors posed as defeated: they’re on the ground.


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