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Double Jointed Sprain

Throughout this July, now the 20th, I and my writing have been handicapped by a non-funtioning right thumb. My diagnosis at the onset, coming on last June, was that I’d played too many online sudokus where my right hand suspends over the mouse, ever-ready to click. At long last, age 75, age 76 coming up fast, I think I have a hint of what arthritis is: something crippling is creeping into all my fingers: right hand first, right hand worst, but all. Most affected is my right thumb.

Note: I was born double jointed in both joints of both thumbs. As a boy I’d freak out the other boys by flipping my thumb around, making a fist, two fists, where the thumbs bent the “wrong” way. Now I believe my right thumb has settled into the wrong position and is helpless, unassisted by my left hand, to correct it. It’s frightening, weird, more than painful, but there’s some pain too. The VA doctor (cute girl, long hair) prescribed naproxin to reduce the swelling: now it’s less swollen but still swollen.

I just inadvertently used my right thumb to press the space bar: the touch typist’s normal habit. No, no: I’ve been trying to use my left hand for nearly everything. I’d improved with practice from maybe 10% efficiency to maybe 15%: now maybe I’m 30%.

If anyone had ever understood my work I’d have four billion people lined up to contribute help: money, food, women, entertainment. At least no one has kicked me in the shins for good measure: in my lifetime, oh, constantly; but this month, no: not directly, not a physical kick, bodily harm intended. I like to believe that God monitors such help and that punishment to non-helpers will infinitely outweigh pain and inconvenience to the martyr in question — Jesus’ crucifixion will prove easy compared to what the centurion with the spear, or the joker with the sponge … or King Herod, or Ciaphas will suffer. Maybe, maybe not: maybe there’s no intelligence in the universe after all, only an infinity of fakes and morons. But still: think what if? Think what life and the universe should be.

Never mind. What I have to do is review priorities. Much as I enjoy daily blabbing, I really should refrain from trivia and accelerate work on important stuff: my Shakespeare reading, my FLEX … sabotage in Florida following sabotage in New York, Maine … how people gang up to prevent me from earning $5 an hour shelving books part time at the library, how I got the rug pulled out from underneath me teaching line dancing at the YMCA: after making an instructional, chatty web site: LineDanceAlliance!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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