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Kleptocratic Theology: Rightful Dominance Rationals

I want to repeat an often-made pk-point so I can add a newer pk-point in context:

Monotheists invented a creator god so they could imagine the cosmos, imagine existence, as property: property which could be inherited, willed, given, by a “legitimate” “owner”, to a clever-enough board of priests (whose mission is always the same: Find in favor of the group that employs you). Did the Jews steal this idea from Pharaoh Akhenaten? Maybe he heard it from some proto-Jews. Either way, the idea of creator ownership developed in the lee of centrally administered agricultural kleptocracies; it did not develop among the Innuit, among the !Kung …

thanx arcticvoice

OK, that’s an important point, an important nest of points: but here’s the new one: at least newly repeated here by me, newly emphasized:

The motive for the invention has no bearing on the truth of the invention.

In other words, the universe could have a creator god, the god could be true, yet some kleptocrats, looking for new justifying angles could still invent the god.

Likewise, a Church could amass unanymouos votes to deny the existence of Satan: yet Satan could still exist, no matter what they vote.
(And every member of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin can assent that Jesus is an instigator: Jesus could still be a truth-teller: what Jesus is (or is not) is not up to the rabbis. Whether or not Jupiter has moons is not up to the cardinals or the professors.)

Reality Constrained?

Civilized men seem to think that the universe is constrained by human belief. I say it isn’t: there may be constraints but we’re not likely to figure out what they are, neither are we likely to guess right.

Now, all that may be interesting in its own right, I certainly think so or I wouldn’t so willingly sacrifice the possibility of comfort for me in this liar-thief culture, but the idea(s) really put on their best colors as you begin to see some of the spin-offs:

Manifest Commie TheoDestiny

Marx’s imagination freed itself of monotheism without freeing any part of itself from kleptotheology. The proletariat moron (or the proletariat moron sympathizer) sees, correctly I believe, that the society had no right to enslave his daughter in the sweatshop: fine: but there’s another step coming: the proletariat moron therefore believes that’s it’s OK to steal from the slave-daughter’s employer!

On your Marx …

thanx marxisminculture

See? The Jew can watch the Cannanite flourish on the plains. The Jew can imagine that the Cannanite is flourishing at his, the Jew’s expense. The Jew can imagine a creator-owner god who “gave” those plains to the Jews … Miles Davis had a yellow Ferrari, I wish I had a yellow Ferrari, God wanted me to have a a yellow Ferrari … (I think Miles had a red Ferrari too.) Therefore … Miles Davis stole my red Ferrari! God, the creator, the owner, the one legitimate entity in existence wants me to take Miles Davis’ red Ferrari and drive it myself!

Miles' Ferrari
thanx puffofsmokeracing

No one has delivered Miles’ Ferrari, not any of them, to my door, God doesn’t seem to have bashed Miles’ head in for him, at least not over that … Therefore … God must want me to bash Miles’ head in! and take his Ferrari! all his Ferrari’s! and his women too!

See? God is great, God is good; God can’t have meant these stinking Cheyenne to have all that good farm land, they’re not even farming it! And we work ourselves into this-that-or-the-other Nazi lather.

It’s only right if we fight dirty: booze, germ warfare …


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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