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The nun prays for forgiveness, the general prays for victory, the little girl prays for a pony. I pray for God’s judgment. But I want it to be God’s judgment: I want to see and hear God utter it; I don’t want any substitutions: no priests, no pope, no rabbi … no doctor, no lawyer … Certainly not any Salem judge.
(Neither do I want a technician in a white coat masked as a “scientist”.)

At the same time I want God’s judgment to be infinitely subject to scientific probing: how do we know it’s really God speaking? how do we know it’s really true? or, is it just based on Authoity? Force? Coercion?
It doesn’t matter what the peanut gallery thinks.

Salem witches trial
commons, thanx wikimenia

Between February 1692 and May 1693 communities in colonial Massachessets sat in judgment on hundreds of people, mostly women (not all with all of their faculties) on whether or not they were, as accused, witches.

That happened four hundred years ago, I can’t help it, I can’t stop it. There were crucifixions in Jerusalem two thousand years ago: I can’t help it, I can’t stop those either. What I can do, what I do do, what I repeat doing here, is to pray, to God, to destiny, to evolution … that we pay the full price if any part of our judgment is faulty, false, based on fraud …

With witches, it ought to be easy: The Bible says, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. The Bible also says, Thou shalt not kill: but never mind, let’s focus on the witch edict first. In the context of the Bible also saying that God says, Judgment is mine!

If judgment is God’s, what are we doing having any judgments on any subject?

Winona Ryder's accuser
Winona Ryder sure knew how to jerk those judges around.
thanx ucab

We’re the judging animal. I judge, I judge all the time, I’m judging right now; but I don’t claim to be God! I don’t claim to be infallible! What I do do is pray, at the top of my voice, that we get blasted every time we try such incroachment.

The judges put women in jail, let them starve there, freeze? Throw the judges in that jail!
No, not a committee; God, God himself: or Truth! Destiny! Evolution!

Fail to do it? Fail to survive, fail to sustain. Fail.


Do you agree with me that the Salem judges should have proved that they werre competent to identify any witch before they pronounced conviction on any particular Puritan woman?

These days the US pilots a drone into some Arab’s eyeball, executing him for being a terrorist: isn’t the pot there calling the kettle black?

Let me clarify something: clarify with broad strokes: not a silverpoint drawing, a fingerpaint smear:
Christianity is a religion based on a hallucinogen: alcohol: Jesus served wine to his disciples: to wash down his body, as bread. Other religions serve other hallucinogens: opiates, hashish, cannabis …
Let’s not bother to claim that witches don’t exist: they exist in a different pharmacopeia.

Witches on broomsticks?
They were flying alright. “Witches” didn’t just ferment, didn’t just distill; witches brewed, concocted. Their hallucinogens female witches applies to their women’s labia, to their clitoris, to their vulva via a brush, a switch, a besom, a “broom”.
Were there any witches in Massachessets? around Salem? I doubt it. I don’t doubt that there were plenty of witches in England! Had been! since before the advent of Christianity. I don’t know what all hallucinogens Druid priests or their female associates mastered: but laugh as you picture Saint Patrick showing up in Hardy’s Wessex (or Ireland) with a glass of wine!

Never mind whether a judge in seventeenth-century Salem was capable of judging whether an accused was a witch; could he judge who was a Christian? Would God then have to agree with him? Is God under compulsion to agree with Church nominees for sainthood? If the Church says Mary went to heaven, does God, in heaven, have to produce Mary, in heaven, to validate the Church?

The US pretended is was competent to judge whether or not I had committed extorcion against NYU. (NYU requested the persecution.) Just notice, please: my accusation against NYU included the charge that NYU professors didn’t know how to read (or hear, or understand): the professors were masters of understanding compared to the US court!

These days my accusations are that we’re not competent to do any of the things we claim. We don’t know, can’t tell, a Christian from a Pagan, a terrorist from a peacenik, a witch from a woman … Worst to my mind, we can’t tell freedom from coercion.
Only a slave population has to go to school. Only slaves judge that it’s OK for the US (and CERN) to isolate, to disempower the inventor of the anarchist internet (FLEX), then palm perversions of it as something they’re entitled to administer.

Full Price

Oh, poor me, I let an unclarity slip past: I don’t doubt that we do pay the full price, every time, without exception, for palming bull off as reason. But the toxicity remains invisible to us! Judgment came and went ten thousand years ago: and we still don’t know it!
I want to see the Salem judge blow up, like a ghost in Ghost Busters, explode like jelly, instantly: but he doesn’t, he gets promoted to the governor’s mansion, or the White House. While we’re all doomed by cancer of the soul.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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