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Regency Poverty

/ Literature / Poor Fanny Price I just sampled a few minutes of a TV series on Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. thanx kaitlin-saunders A blurb refers to the protagonist as “impoverished”. Oh, the poor landed gentry. The rich don’t just … Continue reading

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’60s Salsa

/ Music / I remember salsa exploding all over New York City in the early 1960s. I resented it. I resented it then, I resent it now; but I think I’m wrong, and want to apologize: or at least to … Continue reading

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Dutch Moon

/ Stories / Others / Streaming the movie Nyphomania, Volume 1 (by Lars von Trier) reminds me of an experience I had in the early 1960s, startling at the time though I don’t think I’d remembered it till it was … Continue reading

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Lesson Learn

/ Social Epistemology / We all learn from our mistakes, at least we should: but, I believe that’s true only if we’re reasonablly humble while making the mistakes. I do not believe that a God that claims infallibility, or a … Continue reading

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Whitehall Doggerel

/ HierCon / Army Stories / Whitehall Street Induction Station. That’s where I was examined, processed, drafted. That’s where I was stationed after basic training. It seemed odd, a dozen new guys arrived all at once, we were all the … Continue reading

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Adams 4 All

/ Decentral / Adams’ Four Ages of Sand, Adams Four Ages of Communication, History, Now, the Future Re: Douglas Adams speech at Digital Biota 2: Is There an Artificial God? Read the speech, read it twice. pk summarizes: Four Ages … Continue reading

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FDA Buyers

/ Movies / The Dallas Buyers Club is an award winning movie with many crossreferences, I start this scrapbook to begin to deal with some of them in any order: infinitely addable, editable. First know that I, pk, Paul Knatz, … Continue reading

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Righteous Reacher

/ Movies / I saw the Jack Reacher title among the new books in the library. I gave it a glance, quickly bailed out: smug, self-satisfied reader-pandering. When Netflix put it under my nose as a Tom Cruise vehicle, I … Continue reading

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Dewey Decimal Stories

/ HierCon / Hierarchy vs. Conviviality The Dewey Decimal System: Still Useable I had an experience with the Dewey Decimal System: it took place in the Barnard College Library where I had taken a part-time job to help finance FLEX … Continue reading

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Anachronic Adultery

/ Macroinformation / I’m watching Kate Mara play a baroness in Rochester Castle at the time of King John. King John has signed the Magna Carter, (against his own anointed will): now he’s gathered armies to subdue all castles to … Continue reading

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