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I ordered the Hollywood Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with prejudice, with hostility: I so loved the Swedish novel and the Swedish movie that any Hollywood imitation would have to be diluted drivel: right? Any casting choice for Lizbeth was doomed: Noomi Repace’s performance would eclipse any additional effort. But no: an actress named Rooney Mara staked her own ground: I love both versions. Then I learn that both of Rooney Mara’s names, her surname and her given name, have iconic pro-football significance. The other day I watch Shooter and see another Mara: Kate, older sister to Rooney. In fact I can’t get Kate out of my mind, I’m about to watch it again.

Now: they’re female, these sisters, they have breasts. Big deal, so do all women. No, no: let me tell you: Kate (and the Shooter staff) use her femininity unforgettably: Kate plays the widow of sniper Bob Lee swagger’s spotter in Vietnam, Donny. Bob Lee has been set up to appear guilty of a botched presidential assassination. He winds up on the Kata Mara-widow’s doorstep. She’s in her peignoir. She’s positioned on screen to loom her bosom on us as well as on Bob Lee. She covers herself with her robe. A moment later she covers herself again. And in another moment she covers herself again. I tell you, if she’d had her tits smushed against our face he boson couldn’t have been more on our mind. Now, I don’t suppose that Kate crafted the scene: but she was well equipped to cooperate in it. She made it memorable. I’m going to go watch it again.

Kata Mara
thanx hotflick

But she and her assets are only two of the reasons: there are a couple of others as well: male reasons. The casting is great: two guys in particular ace the evil of their roles: Elias Koteas & Rade Serbedzija.

Rade Serbedzija
thanx 1010global

I repeat: I love good character actors.

2015 11 27 Here I am, watching Transcendence: Kata Mara appears, as blond, and instantly I’m back in Shooter, admiring her mammary flesh. Mm, mm, good. Memorable bosom, indelible.

2016 07 04 I’m drudging my way through The Fantastic Four. Dreck diluted by drivel. But once again: Kata Mara! Can’t take my eyes off of you!

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