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The Dallas Buyers Club is an award winning movie with many crossreferences, I start this scrapbook to begin to deal with some of them in any order: infinitely addable, editable.

First know that I, pk, Paul Knatz, am the founder of the Free Learning Exchange, 1970, the world’s first offer of an internet: basic design by Ivan Illich (as inspired by life, the universe, God, god … an example in the vocabulary I just read, a Douglas Adams speech, offering many to many communication: as evolved from A. one to one, B. one to many, C. many to one, and D, a novelty in 1970, a novelty today, many to many. Many to many communications naturally threaten one to many communictions: so orthodox god, the Church, any federal government, the Fortune 500, will naturally subvert many to many talk: and they did, sucessfully: the one to many monopolists have to power to supervise the many to many: the Temple crucifies Jesus, not Jesus the Temple.

Illich launched deschooling, I signed aboard, in 1970 (I developed, simplified, expanded). Illich was developing his critique of institutions: watch out: they may have a simple honest purpose when launched, but it doesn’t remain simple or honest for long. Deschooling attacks informational monopolies: first: teachers, experts. Illich then attacked indistrial modes of production, then medical expertise.

But my FLEX, designed by Illich, modified, simplified, expanded by pk, already reflected Illich’s plan: no assigned experts; free market! No licenses: licenses are how monopolies grow their power. Thus: teachers, yes, sure, of course; PhDs, licensed experts, No! Healers, yes, of course; licensed doctors, with their AMA cartel club, NO!

Implicit in deschooling, FLEX, etc. is the idea that centrally managed information is a bad idea: one to many / many to one. One to one is tricky enough, many to many is what we need: on top of the other three: with B and C put in their place. So, supported (instead of sabotaged) FLEX was intended to phase licensing out and usher many to many feedback, quality controls, in. Thus: any healer could advertise in FLEX; but no doctoors! If you’re a healer, let the market let you flourish. If people are too stupid to benefit from freedom, then we’ll perish, good riddance, we don’t need supervision.

OK, now. In FLEX’s world, the Dallas Buyers Club could be formed but wouldn’t need to be formed: because FLEX already is the Dallas Buyers Club! Sorry, that’s backwards: the DBC is an aspect of FLEX!

Let me read in some significant correspondence with bk, my son, since yesterday:

1, pk to bk: we all have more than enough things on our lists, we know we’ll get to
some, never to all.
at some point recommendations are an intrusion,
still there are some things we can’t help trying to spread, to share.

I’m having a very weird experience these couple of days trying to
watch Dallas Buyers Club. (I’m now paused 2/3 through, been pausing
every 10 minutes since Thursday.)

At first I couldn’t stand it, who cares if junkies die, if orgy
addicts get AIDS …
But now that I see how meticulously they’re populating the time not
only with perverts, meth-heads, but with government interference with
free market fits and starts with science fits and starts, all with
thugs running around, supervising …

I hope you’re aware of it.

I wish Illich could see it: some rodeo illiterate depopulating the hospitals,
socialist medicine, Big Brother state, vs capitalist outlaw clinics

and fuck the poor

He replied that the Marcus (his family) hadn’t yet seen it but that my letter pushed it up his list.

2, pk to bk These glib doctors reference Hyppocrates: First: Do no harm!
Huh? How does a physician (or anyone else) know how to avoid harm?
they’d need perfect knowledge of all future science, all future divine
revelation …
But I’ve always chortled at that: this just came to me:
God gives Commandments to His people: say the Jews, on his turf.
Secular doctors in EuroChristian cultures study Greek, Hypoc … Secular
legislators in US write laws, laws pretty much backing Hypoc here, God
there … By what right?
If any god is going to enforce Hypoc, shouldn’t it be Zeus?
and what right do any legislators anywhere have to import or export
from this or that belief system?

I see a Jew obeying God by the Jordan: fine: how does that carry to Boston?

And of course if your father subscribed to the law what does that have
to do with you?

I was just reading around about Salic law, Merovingian, Carolingian …
Why? because the Franks said so, and they’d chop you to pieces if you
tried to leave your castle to your daughter.

3 bk to pk On a somewhat different point, but one I think you’ll find interesting. Everyone knows that one do-no-harm part of the Hippocratic Oath. Very few have bothered to read the rest. I haven’t. But while I can’t find the reference, somewhere I learned that most of the Oath is a cartel agreement. How to keep prices up by keeping the supply of doctors artificially scarce.

more in a sec

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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