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Righteous Reacher

/ Movies / I saw the Jack Reacher title among the new books in the library. I gave it a glance, quickly bailed out: smug, self-satisfied reader-pandering. When Netflix put it under my nose as a Tom Cruise vehicle, I … Continue reading

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Dewey Decimal Stories

/ HierCon / Hierarchy vs. Conviviality The Dewey Decimal System: Still Useable I had an experience with the Dewey Decimal System: it took place in the Barnard College Library where I had taken a part-time job to help finance FLEX … Continue reading

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Anachronic Adultery

/ Macroinformation / I’m watching Kate Mara play a baroness in Rochester Castle at the time of King John. King John has signed the Magna Carter, (against his own anointed will): now he’s gathered armies to subdue all castles to … Continue reading

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Mara Brood

/ Movies / I ordered the Hollywood Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with prejudice, with hostility: I so loved the Swedish novel and the Swedish movie that any Hollywood imitation would have to be diluted drivel: right? Any casting choice … Continue reading

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George Eliot Notes

/ Literature / George Eliot Silas Marner Lots of my undergraduate classmates were like my father: they’d already read a couple of Austen novels and a half dozen Dickens novels, not to mention Scott or Stevenson, long before freshman year. … Continue reading

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Hollywood Entropy

/ Movies / I just watched The Craft. thanx wikimedia Teens in Charge I wasted a good couple of days on it, pausing the stream to identify actresses, cross-reference other roles … I used to pride myself on the number … Continue reading

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First Blood Shooter

/ Movies / Re: First Blood (aka Rambo); Shooter (the Bob Lee Swagger, Stephen Hunter movie) I rejoiced when First Blood was released: 1982: a Vietnam vet returns to the US, has a mission to contact his buddy’s widow, gets … Continue reading

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