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Truth Translation

/ Cosmology Etc. … Sentience & Semiotics / Science and religion overlap in many areas: many unexamined areas: maybe even un-examinable. Right there, for example: un-examinable. Science assumes that experience is examinable, explainable: in theory if not in complete fact. … Continue reading

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/ Culture / thanx beerinfo Look at all that sunny beer! The sunny waitresses! beaming! carrying all those sunny brews. Munich and beer and radiant German blonds with shinning Germanic magnificent brilliant bosoms are all over the web the last … Continue reading

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Sir Citizen

/ Culture / We’re born into cultures where everyone has been siring each other long enough that it goes down, comes out, without gagging. Some started commrading each other recently enough that it’s still a sore thumb. Oh, but things … Continue reading

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Sopranos’ Loop

/ Letters / I share an email to bk: 2014 09 21 Re: Sop: Re: Teo’s Miles: That Howlin Wolf sample of Woke Up gets into your brain marrow: I’m being mechanically haunted by a Vince Clarke moment from Erasure: … Continue reading

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Florida Clime

/ Broke Writer / September 18, beautiful morning. 10:45 I’ve just opened the curtains, opened windows, taken off my robe. At dawn I was closing windows, putting on the robe, muttering against my self for not having done it last … Continue reading

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Shut My Mouth!

/ Homeostasis / Homeostasis & Crime Reports There’s a reason kleptocracies since the birth of civilization require, require absolutely, vertical hierarchical organization — God or King John or Big Brother over Piers Ploughman or poor Winston — so that Pilat … Continue reading

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Limp East, Drunk West

/ Arts / … / Culture / And Folksy Middle I hung out in the West Village, the Whitehorse Tavern, over on Hudson, practically on the river. Drinking was my regular habit, had been since age fifteen. That was the … Continue reading

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Tis Interruptus

/ College Stories / Tis is a Balinese word. I get it from Gregory Bateson. It means the moment of peace you feel after an orgasm. Everything, everything, is just right, at least for a moment: you’re neither too hot, … Continue reading

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Cannibal States

/ Kleptocracy / (My K. categories deeply overlap, I never hinted that they were distinct.) Slash and Burn Government I spent the 1960s giving my all to the system of universities and colleges that had already taken, and squandered, so … Continue reading

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Frank Klep

/ Kleptocracy / At Columbia a door or two from my dorm cell a filthy rich kid heard me singing a Juliette Greco song, showed me he had a record of her singing, great picture of her existentialist self on … Continue reading

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